J Group (Year 1) made some paintings of Tower Bridge last week with Carly and Lucy, using an impressive dotting technique to combine different hues of blue to resemble the water. The Junior School has been very peaceful this week, still decorated with twinkly lights as we look forward to the Winter Ball.

The class was peaceful as pupils enjoyed challenging themselves to try new artistic techniques.

Carly, the Class Teacher, demonstrated to the students how to create a river-like effect using the dotting technique, and students were encouraged to make their artwork their own.

Lucy also led independent reading, which many of our students thoroughly enjoyed.

At St Chris, we create a space in which progress can and will happen. Children do not all progress at the same speed, so in our learning, we are willing to give children something of which they are often deprived – time.

Across our whole school community, we value creative and logistical approaches and encourage our students to learn in a way that best suits them. That’s how we achieve incredible results and outstanding personal development in our students.