Sixth Form

The Sixth Form at St Chris: The Springboard to your Next Step

St Chris Sixth Form is an inspiring and challenging place to learn. During the two years of Sixth Form pupils grow and develop both academically and socially, making the most of the unique environment and many opportunities available at St Chris.

As well as following a rigorous academic programme, we encourage pupils to play an active part in wider aspects of school life – whether that be through a position of responsibility on the School Council or by taking part in the wide range of extracurricular activities on offer

The St Chris Sixth Form is based in its own Sixth Form Centre, which includes common rooms for Year 12 and Year 13, study areas, a garden, kitchen area and classrooms for specific A-level courses.

The Centre is the hub of Sixth Form life with registration and tutorials held there, and it’s the place where students can study, socialise and seek support.

Support Throughout Sixth Form

Joining the Sixth Form is an exciting time, however the academic step-up from GCSE to A-level, and the increased focus on independent learning can lead to it being a time when some students feel uncertain and a little daunted.

To combat this, St Chris offers a personalised and detailed support package for each pupil, to ensure that they thrive within the Sixth Form environment.

Tutorial Programme

When students join the Sixth Form they are allocated a personal tutor, and the partnership between tutor and student forms a central part of the support package.

Personal tutors guide, advise, and are a critical friend and supporter. Students meet with their personal tutors each day alongside their tutor group, made up of a mix of Year 12 and Year 13 students to allow the two year groups to mix socially and share experience.

Year 13 pupils can help to mentor Year 12 pupils and provide informal advice and support.

Pupils also meet with their tutor on a one to one basis every other week, to discuss academic progress, any problems that have arisen, successes and future plans.

All personal tutors keep a close eye on the well-being of the students in their care. They help pupils settle into Sixth Form, encourage them to become responsible independent learners and to participate in the wide range of opportunities available outside of the classroom.

Sixth Form Induction Programme

At the beginning of Year 12, pupils take part in our Sixth Form Conference, where they meet with their personal tutor and tutor group and are given an introduction to studying in the Sixth Form.

Pupils then take part in a two-week induction which contains events, both academic and social, to enable them to make a positive start to Sixth Form. The programme culminates with a two-day residential trip, where pupils are able to spend time socialising with their year group and taking part in team building activities.

Progress and Tracking

The dedicated Sixth Form team at St Chris are there to support pupils every step of the way to ensure that their transition is a successful one.

Throughout their time Sixth Form, pupils receive regular feedback and guidance about their progress from subject teachers. Each pupil is also involved regularly in reviewing their progress with their personal tutor.

Personal tutors, the Deputy Head of Year and the Head of Year are all available to support students who may be experiencing problems, alongside school counsellors if appropriate. Any issues or concerns are sensitively and thoroughly discussed with students and parents. Student support is on-going and comprehensive.

Each year parents receive two interim reports and two full reports. There are also two Parents’ Consultations when subject teachers and personal tutors are available for one-to-one meetings. Pupils are encouraged to attend these meetings along with their parents or guardians.

All departments and subjects offer opportunities to support and extend pupil’s learning beyond the classroom. These are often at lunchtime or after school, and in some cases, such as for A-level 3D Design, at weekends.

Next Steps: Higher Education and Careers

Throughout a pupil’s time in the Sixth Form at St Chris they are fully supported in making their next steps towards their career and higher education choices following school.

For further information about higher education support please click here.

For further information about our Pathways careers programme click here

“The small class sizes are great – it’s great student and teacher proximity for A-level”

 Isabella, Year 12

“With the lack of formality between the staff and pupils it really improves the communication between you.”

Isabella Year 12

“While there are clear expectations with your work and dedication it’s very open to when you do your work or how you do it so you have a lot of freedom to adjust the courses to how you learn best.”

Paula, Year 12 from Germany

“You walk in the Sixth Form Centre and you know everyone’s name and can talk to anyone”

Paula, Year 12 from Germany