Junior School

Inspiring teachers lead small groups in our Junior School, to help young children develop a love of learning.

Before and After School Care for all ages in the Junior School helps busy parents

The Junior School at St Christopher is very much part of our School community. Inspiring teachers, wonderful surroundings and small class sizes help young children develop confidence, independence and a love of learning. They have access to superb campus facilities such as an indoor swimming pool, a cookery centre, science laboratories and specialist art and design studios.

Early Years of learning and fun

From our Early Years through to Senior School entry, children are challenged to stretch themselves. We encourage them to explore and discover the world around them as they follow a rich curriculum that supports our high expectations.

The Junior School celebrates childhood. It builds on the children’s own natural enthusiasm, excitement and spirit of enquiry to ensure that each individual achieves their full potential.

Children are encouraged to develop a love of learning for its own sake. They experience the joy of aiming high and the satisfaction of achievement, both within the academic curriculum and beyond it.

Pastoral care

Children thrive with clear boundaries, firm direction, adults and peers who share in the joy of discovery and value the part that all individuals have to play in our community.

Although every child has a class teacher who is responsible for their well-being, all staff contribute to the pastoral care of each child. Pastoral care does not exist in a vacuum. It is not an "additional extra." It is interwoven with academic success and each child's sense of self worth.