Senior School

On the journey from childhood to adulthood, through our Senior School, we help every student develop their true potential.

The Senior School begins at Year 7 and continues to Year 11, crucial years in the journey from childhood to adulthood.

Rewarding experience

We provide a close-knit, supportive environment that creates a rich and rewarding educational experience. All within the School are called by their first names and there is no uniform. This helps to build relationships based on trust, mutual respect and co-operation.

All-round achievement

The Senior School produces excellent results at GCSE, together with a wide range of opportunities to develop as an individual. We are determined that pupils should choose courses that appeal to them; that they will do well in and that will enable them to move forward in the way that they would like to.

Boarding is not boring

Full and weekly boarding are available from Year 11 with pupils living in Arundale House in the heart of the School. The vast majority of boarders have their own room. There is common room space in each house and boarders have access to many of the School's facilities in the evening. Boarding allows students to experience a communal life which they cannot have at home. They develop a capacity for tolerance, self-sufficiency and independence that will serve them well in later life.

Morning talks

The school had no religious affiliation and we welcome people of all faiths and none. Although there is no collective act of worship, there is a Morning Talk three times a week that will include some live music, a talk about current affairs or other area of interest and a period of silent reflection.