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Positions of Responsibility

Sixth Form pupils play a vital role in school life at St Chris, and there are a number of positions of responsibility for which we encourage all pupils to volunteer for; as Major Officials; as Peer Mentors; as participants and in leadership roles in the different committees and activities such as sports team and as role models.

Sixth Form pupils are able to design, develop, implement and evaluate initiatives within St Chris and our wider community.

We strongly believe that our pupils, both collectively and individually, are both an invaluable resource for the School and will also gain personally from their involvement.

Major Officials

The whole school takes part in elections each year to vote for a committee of pupils to run the School Council. These posts are held by Year 12 pupils, and are termed Major Officials.

Major Officials meet each week for either lunch or coffee with the Head or Deputy Head, where they discuss a range of issues and help to develop and review policy. They run the School Council meetings including the whole school meetings, and chair the debates which take place.

Major Officials also run a number of committees within the School including Events and Fundraising, Food and Be Green, our environmental committee.

These committees are responsible for running activities such as the Summer Ball, the pupil coffee shop and developing initiatives such as reducing the School’s use of single use plastics.

Positions Include:

  • Head Girl and Head Boy
  • Deputy Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy
  • Chair of Council
  • Treasurer of Council
  • Secretary of Council
  • Chair of Events & Fundraising
  • Chair of Be Green
  • Chair of Human Rights
  • Chair of Food Committee
  • Head Boarder

All Sixth Formers – as members of the School Council or other committees that help to run campaigns and events during the school year – have the opportunity to contribute to the running of St Chris. Through this process they learn that with power and influence comes responsibility and accountability.

You can read more about the School Council here.

Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors are Sixth Form students who act as mentors to younger students in the Senior and Junior Schools.

Mentors offer a wide range of support – it can be anything from helping new pupils to settle in, or spending time with a younger student to help with a particular academic or social issue that they may have.

Pupils volunteer to be a Peer Mentor at the start of Year 12 and this continues throughout their time in Sixth Form. They receive training from the Director of Pastoral Care.

The programme is a particularly popular way for students to commit to helping the whole school community and both Peer Mentors, and those that they work with, find that it’s a very rewarding role.

Leadership Roles Across St Chris

There are many ways to lead and serve the pupil body in the Sixth Form in addition to being a Major Official or Peer Mentor.

Pupils can take a leadership role in one of the many co-curricular groups for example sports teams or music groups, or through the community service and working with local and international charities.

Pupils can take a leadership role in one of the many co-curricular groups, for example sports teams or music groups, or through their community service and working with local and international charities. Also in helping to organise and supervise lunchtimes for the whole Senior School, or in the ad hoc Sixth Form Committee, which organises various elements of the Sixth Form.

For further information about co-curricular activities in the Sixth Form click here.