From Paddington Day to hot chocolates in Forest School, it’s been a busy week for the Monte (Nursery).

As the cold weather has set in, the Monte children had a marvellous week this week. First, they have been using the Orchard Forest School to light fires, boil a kettle, and enjoy hot chocolates around the fire. The pupils showed great patience, being careful not to tread too close to the fire, and watching as the flames caused the kettle to boil. The Monte children were incredibly excited about their hot chocolates, so a few did have to be reminded not to eat the hot chocolate powder by itself. Refuelled, pupils spent the remainder of the session playing games with their friends, wheeling wheelbarrows, and creating swings.

Also this week we held Paddington Day in the Nursery. Students (and teachers) came dressed in their best Paddington attire, carrying their little bears adorned with bubble wrap coats and tiny red hats. Lucas even brought three bears in, in case his friends should forget theirs, and Caleb wore an incredible Paddington outfit – complete with a hat!

The children created Paddington bears with paper plates and paint before enjoying marmalade sandwiches which they made themselves. The bread was layered with butter, then marmalade, then blueberries and banana to form Paddington’s face! Pupils showed excellent fine motor skills, spreading the butter across the bread, before using their creativity to craft their own Paddington bear on the bread.

After the excitement of the day, the students settled down to watch a film with popcorn and blueberries as a snack.