Student with their GCSE results

Results & Achievements

Pupils at St Christopher School take GCSE and A level examinations. Our students do not take part in other external examinations, for example SATs.

Achievement is more than exam results

Examination results record one very important aspect of achievement at school. We have decided quite deliberately not to publish our results as part of league tables in the national press. We do not compare ourselves with other schools and we do not compare one child with another. We look at the achievements of every individual in the context of their own ability and aim to ensure that all fulfil their potential.

We are also proud that, irrespective of cognitive ability, all of our young people have many things in common: their capacity for friendship; determination to be the best they can be; care for others and the environment; faith in human nature, and their ability to be part of a diverse, rich and rewarding community.

Examination Results

A Level Results 2023

  • 27% of grades were A* or A
  • 55% of grades were A* – B
  • 73% of grades were A* – C

For a full breakdown of our A level results please click on the links below.

GCSE Results 2023

  • 33% of grades were 9 – 7
  • 77% of grades were 9 – 5
  • 92% of grades were 9 – 4

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Leavers’ Destinations

For more information about our leavers’ destinations at the end of Sixth Form, please click here