Why Choose St Chris?

St Chris is an independent day and boarding school based in Letchworth Garden City for girls and boys aged 3-18.

For more than 100 years the School has been a pioneering voice in the world of education, embracing new ideas based on sound educational principles.

St Chris has also established a reputation as ‘not your typical independent school.’ And there is a reason for this.

So what’s the difference?

What every parent wants is for their child to do well in life. And that means finding a school that will set them up for their future.

What do they need for that?

Good grades, of course, and as strong an academic attainment as possible.

But they need something arguably more important too.

They need a core confidence in themselves as young people, and a sense of their own worth and responsibility. They also need to be happy, secure and to enjoy their time at school.

Because without these elements, they probably won’t get the grades they want, no matter how hard they try.

“It’s not great exam results that make for contented pupils. Rather, it’s the other way around.”

At St Chris, we see pupil enjoyment not as the result of achieving great exam results, but rather great results themselves as a product of being a truly fulfilled individual.

If you’re fulfilled in all the key areas of your life, you’re focused and you’re working hard. Then you can and do achieve. The enjoyment creates the achievement, and the achievement, the enjoyment.

At St Chris we spend time and effort making sure our students have an environment where those priorities are met, which helps make learning a pleasure.

And we have all the other elements that go into a really good school too.

We have an admirably high teacher to pupil ratio.

We have green and leafy campus-style grounds that are safe and secure, and our facilities are excellent.

We expect pupils to bring a high level of responsibility to school and boarding every day.

“Conversations at St Chris have a collegiate quality of consent rather than force. There’s a shared commitment to helping pupils succeed in every aspect of life.”

And out of that environment come results that we and our pupils are proud of.

It could be in STEM subjects, it could be music and art or design and programming.

Those who would otherwise be good students do even better at St Chris, and in more dimensions than they would ever have expected.

Come and find out what your children are capable of, when they get their deepest needs met first.

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