Junior School

St Chris Junior School, for children aged 3 to 11, is comprised of a Nursery, a Reception class, and Years 1 to 6.

The Junior School is a special place. We are proud of our children’s academic progress, their confidence, their love of learning, their care for themselves and each other and their insatiable capacity for fun.

Two Nursery classes (Half Monte for children from the term they turn three, Top Monte the following year),  a Reception class and Years 1 to 6  are located in our dedicated Junior  School building.

There is one class in each year until Year 5, where the year divides into two. Small classes are supported by a teaching assistant in each year group and class sizes are around 20.

The teaching and learning provision is embedded with an ethos of unconditional positive regard that sees teachers respond to children with kindness and authenticity, providing children with the opportunities to flourish.