About Us

St Chris is an independent school based in Letchworth Garden City for boys and girls aged 3-18.

Founded in 1915, there are around 550 pupils – a mix of both day and boarding students.

Our Campus

St Chris is set on a large, leafy 25-acre campus just a short train ride from London and Cambridge.

The grounds enjoy a relaxed atmosphere of peace and calm.

Excellent facilities include modern IT suites, an onsite swimming pool, extensive grounds and pitches, and even a ceramics studio and photography dark room.


We believe in the benefits of an informal approach – everyone is called by their first name, there is no uniform and there is a strong emphasis on promoting democracy at all levels of the School.

This is underpinned by the belief that all voices, from the youngest member of the nursery to the chair of governors, should be listened to and treated respectfully.

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Subjects and Academic Orientation

St Chris students achieve strong results in science, maths and English, and we also value art, design, music and drama.  Despite the School’s informality, students are expected to work hard, and do their best.


We think exam success is a product of overall happiness not the other way around, so we place a high value on students passing through the school gates each morning looking forward to their day ahead.

St Chris prides itself on the contentedness of its students, and on each one of them reaching their own personal goals, not a standardised notion of success ­– which can be a difficult value to uphold in a world of league tables and education reforms – however it’s this belief in its pupils and their support of them that can turn the average in to the extraordinary and see children fly.

What Makes St Chris Relevant Today?

In 1915, when St Chris was founded, our informality was seen as fairly radical. It still is to some who expect hard work and success to be more natural bedfellows in a traditional hierarchical environment.

But as organisations such as Apple, Google and Astra Zeneca demonstrate that successful people are just as likely to be wearing jeans and trainers as they are a suit and tie, and as the benefits of a collaborative, open and supportive working culture are understood more widely, then those expectations are changing.

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