St Christopher School

Head’s Welcome

Over a hundred years ago, long before the term mindfulness ever become a buzzword, the first head of St Chris, a Dr Armstrong-Smith, had an idea.

Bring children into a space where they have a high level of responsibility and mutual respect, set them up with broad, wide open spaces and great teachers.

Give them no uniform, but charge them instead with some control of their own education, and insist on a mind-calming three-minute silence at assemblies and the start of each lesson. Then see what transpires.

And 100 years later we now know exactly what happens.

Those who would otherwise be good students do even better, and in more dimensions than they would have ever expected.

Children who aren’t performing academically or even enjoying getting out of bed in the morning come alive again.

Pupils leave school with a broad range of achievements on top of the ones schools usually like to talk about.

League tables are now coming under suspicion for driving a rather empty form of education. We’ve long had that same view.

One hundred years after Dr Armstrong-Smith, St Chris is no longer an experiment, it’s a known entity.

For the people that know it, it’s the only way to run a school. For people used to a more conventional approach, it’s a lovely surprise when they walk through the gates.

If you would like to know what that surprise looks like, come and visit us. And bring your open mind with you!

Richard Palmer