Head’s Welcome

Hello and welcome to St Chris.

St Chris is an outstanding, modern school with an important, progressive heritage.

As the incredible transformation of the world through the 20th Century played out, we were among the first to see that humanity, understanding, kindness, and collaboration must be the pillars on which education should stand.

We are excited to do things differently if – and only if – they make things better for our students.

“We are committed to creating a respectful, supportive, high achieving, and happy community, and to providing education that is practically and emotionally relevant to the world around us.”

In our learning we are willing to give children something of which they are often deprived – time. Children do not all progress at the same age or at the same speed. Our students produce phenomenal academic results because we help them to, not force them to.

Outside the classroom we want our students to explore everything the human experience has to offer. Our co-curricular activities build confidence in the self and make children excited to try something new now, and throughout their lives.

There are no unnecessary barriers to being yourself at St Chris. You will see us for who we really are; dressed in our own clothes and not all made ‘uniform’. You will hear us for who we really are; with first names used between staff and students to build openness and trust.

These things may seem small – they may even seem unusual – but they matter for what they mean. We’re in this together.

“We believe in ‘relevant excellence’. We’re looking for excellence that means something in the real world.”

This means academic excellence and achieving the results that give our young people ‘tickets’ to the next part of their journey. But it also means building a set of personal skills and character traits that transcend any mark or grade.

The world needs self-starters, self-motivators, self-innovators. It needs problem-solvers and conflict resolvers. It needs people who care about others and can look after themselves.

At St Chris you can dive into anything safe in the knowledge that you’ll never ‘hit the bottom’. You’ll know someone is watching, you’ll know you’re safe, you’ll know you’ll always come back to the surface. When children have this security, they can have a true zest for life.

So welcome to St Chris – I hope to meet you soon and show you our outstanding school.

Rich Jones