Daily Routine

A Boarder’s Typical Day

What is a typical day really like for boarders at St Chris? Here Stefan in Year 11 tells us about a typical day in Arundale boarding house.

7.30amI am woken up by the member of house staff on duty, though I usually get up earlier on my own as I like to be ready earlier.
7.40 to 7.50amDown to the dining hall (the “IG”) for breakfast – the meals differ depending on the day. At breakfast we chat and relax before school.
8.00 to 8.25amWe head back to our rooms to finish getting ready for school. I normally wash my face, chat some more and pick up my homework. We are all ready to be out of the boarding house by 8.25am to get to class registration.
8.30am to 3.55pmSchool, lessons, lunch and hanging out with my friends!
4.00pmWe need to sign in with the boarding house staff member on duty. I usually then sign out and go into town until 5.30pm which I can do in Year 11. Other days I have rugby training or revision courses.
5.45pmTea time. I go downstairs and eat dinner with my friends and a member of staff registers us there as well. I socialise and then head back up to my room or to the common areas.
6.30 to 8.00pmPrep time. Because I am in Year 11 I do prep in my room, though sometimes I go to the library or the IT rooms. When I was younger I went down to the IT rooms where a member of staff is on duty and prep is slightly shorter.
8.00 to 10.00pmThis is basically my free time, though most days we have activities on that we can choose to go to. I usually go to dodgeball but there are other activities like baking, swimming or board games. I go to bed at 10.00pm (the younger years go earlier) and then have until 10.30pm before lights out.

 Stefan said “This is my typical day as a boarder. I like it because it’s extremely relaxed and chilled and allows you some freedom. Every day is different, which always makes for a fun, easy going environment.”


St Chris meals are seasonal, tasty and healthy and are freshly cooked onsite each day by our chef and catering team. We cater for a wide range of dietary requirements.

Pupils eat together in the Dining Hall (known in St Chris as the IG), which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week.

This shared venue offers the chance for boarders from both boarding houses to mix and makes meals a social occasion, and a chance to catch up with friends and house staff about how the day has been.

In Arunside, the Sixth Form boarding house, there is also a fully equipped kitchen which boarders can use if they choose.

For more information about the type of food served at St Chris and our menus please visit our food and nutrition page here.

Covid-19 Information

Due to the containment measures associated with the COVID-19 outbreak, St Chris is currently physically closed for mainstream schooling. We continue to operate remotely to offer virtual learning for all of our pupils and our top priorities are to:

  • Continue to support and move forward the learning goals of each class or subject;
  • Support our pupils pastorally;
  • Support families as they navigate challenges that arise with work schedules and childcare.

Current Parents

Full details of our remote learning arrangements and resources, pastoral care and safeguarding information have been emailed to parents. Please visit our parent portal for updated information. Staff contact details can be found by clicking here.

If you are a prospective family looking for a school for your child, our Admissions Office is open and members of our Admissions Team are available to talk to. They can answer any questions you may have about the school and how to apply, set up virtual meetings with key teachers and can send you a video tour of the site while the School is closed.

As well as offering video tours, we are also organising a small number of socially distanced tours of the School to those families looking for places for September 2020. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more.

Admissions Contact Details

Kate Allan, Registrar.

Email: admissions@stchris.co.uk

Tel: +44 (0) 7714 618 233.