St Chris has a dedicated careers programme embedded in our PSHE curriculum, with lessons focussed on careers for all year groups in the Senior School and Sixth Form.

These lessons run in conjunction with our bespoke Pathways careers programme which includes work experience; careers advice and tracking; careers fairs and events; and access to apprenticeship opportunities.

Pathways Careers Programme

The Pathways programme is a bespoke careers programme to enable St Chris students to look at life beyond St Chris, and consists of four elements.

Work Experience

In Year 10 (IV Group) and again in Year 12 (Lower Sixth) pupils take part in work experience in the summer term. Work experience provides a first taste of adult working life and begins to prepare pupils for the world of work. It provides an opportunity to test out skills that pupils have learnt at St Chris, helping to develop social skills and broadening career plans for the future.

St Chris helps pupils to organise a variety of work experience placements depending on a pupil’s interests and career aspirations. Some recent examples of organisations where placements have taken place include:

Five Year Tracking

We offer careers guidance drop in sessions for any student in Years 10 to 13, including to leavers in the year after they have left St Chris.

We recognise that our pupils have individual career guidance needs at different stages of their journey with us, and we offer tailored advice and support to meet the needs of each student. We ensure that every student, as well as parents or guardians, have access to information about future study options and/or labour market opportunities.

Our Careers Coordinator offers guidance to pupils and tracks changes in ideas and career paths. Current students are able to see examples of career paths chosen by former students which provide practical examples of the different type of career paths that can be taken.

Careers Fairs and Events

St Chris offers trips to careers fairs around the country, where students can meet representatives from national and international companies.

In the changing higher education climate, we are aware that not all of our students are looking to pursue higher education, so we ensure that we offer a range of opportunities to discover both academic and vocational routes in schools, colleges, universities and in the workplace.

Being close to the capital, we visit London for key careers talks and fairs to help our students get a better understanding of the pathways that are available to them. Recent fairs have included What Career Live, a careers fair at Olympia London and the Create Your Future for students interested in careers in the arts, creative or media fields.

In 2019 we will also host a number of twilight sessions (one each half term) with guest speakers who will provide students with an insight into their career pathways.

Apprenticeship Opportunities

Apprenticeships are an ideal opportunity to get a real insight into the world of work, gaining vital experience through employers.

There are a wide range of companies that are increasingly offering a direct route to training and work – from banks, to tech companies, airlines to engineering firms.

Young people don’t necessarily need a university degree; they can access an apprenticeship straight after GCSEs or A-levels, earning money while learning on the job as an apprentice and studying in tandem. (The average salary of top employers in London in 2018 was £19,617).

St Chris is currently developing a programme of sessions with employers to provide students with information about apprenticeship opportunities. Students will have the opportunity to listen to guest speakers from a variety of companies to gain a better understanding of the world of work, and explore the apprenticeships offered by each company speaker. All the major apprenticeships opportunities around the country are also advertised within school.