Boarding Life

Life in Boarding at St Chris

An extended day enables boarders to make the most of life at St Chris, and all that it offers.

Boarders rise at 7.30am and breakfast is served in the dining room between 7.40am and 7.50am. Boarders then return to Arundale to prepare for the day before going up to the main school at 8.25am.

The school day varies for different year groups, but the basic framework remains the same: registration at 8.40am, followed by time with Companies (tutor groups) or Morning Talk (assembly); five lessons, one hour each in length; a half hour break in the morning, and an hour for lunch. The school day ends at 3.55pm.

At the end of the school day, boarders return to Arundale to sign-in and have a drink and a snack. Activities then begin, running until 5.30pm. Students in Year 9 and above may go into Letchworth with friends during this timeslot. Parents may also visit after the school day ends and take boarders out for a meal.

The evening meal is served in the dining room at 5.45pm, with vegetarian and meat options. Afterwards, boarders have a short period of free time before supervised prep begins at 6.30pm.

When prep ends at 7.30pm, boarders can continue with their work (particularly in more senior year groups), take part in evening activities, or relax in Arundale. Bedtime and lights out vary according the age of the boarders.

At the weekend, boarders are offered trips on a Saturday which have in recent times included art galleries and museums in London; historic attractions, punting and shopping in Cambridge; the Harry Potter Studio Tour; theme parks; ice skating and indoor skiing in Milton Keynes; go-karting, and trampoline centre Flip Out.

Sundays are quieter days, reserved for a late brunch followed by relaxing in Arundale, catching up with prep, perhaps going into Letchworth with friends or taking part in activities on campus. International and full boarders can of course visit friends and family on the weekends, as well.


“It’s quite a small boarding community so you really feel like you’re at home and just have a big family!”

Paula, Boarder, Year 12

“They do a lot of weekend trips that makes boarding as exciting as possible. Every week is different.”

Boarder from Hong Kong, Year 13

“I like everything here but I really enjoy the school trips for example the surf trip. I think it’s really cool that we get the chance to do so many different things.”

Boarder from China, Year 10