Parents’ Circle

The St Chris Parents’ Circle has a long history within the School having played an active role since 1920.

The group provides a welcoming environment where parents can get to know one another, share ideas, socialise and have fun! They also run fundraising initiatives for their chosen charities.

Active members meet once every half term. Meeting dates are circulated to all parents at the beginning of the year.

Throughout the year the Parents’ Circle organise a number of events including quiz nights, a firework display, Christmas parties,  Easter egg hunts and an annual party to name but a few.

Such occasions provide a school-wide “inclusive” environment to get to know other parents and support the sense of community that St Chris provides.

For more information about the Parents’ Circle, or if you have any questions, comments or suggestions and can’t make it to the next meeting, please email

Co-Chairs: Janine Lambert & Joanne Seeley

Treasurer: Sarah Kilcoyne

Secretary: Ruth Ingram

Parents’ Circle Parent Reps 2019-2020:

Nursery (Monte)Nikki Morrison
Reception (K Group)Nicki Lee
Year 1 (J Group)Elizabeth Hedderson
Year 2 (H Group)Ben Morris-Spicer
Year 3 (G Group)Lauren Neal
Year 4 (F Group)Jenny Huggill (Ellie’s class)
Year 4 (F Group)Victoria Palmer (Marcia’s class)
Year 5 (E Group)Sally Bustos & Chloe Forsyth (Lydia & Katie’s class)
Year 5 (E Group)Archana Doraiswamy & Camilla Hamilton (Iain’s class)
Year 6 (D Group)Ruth Ingram (Zareena & Christine class)
Year 6 (D Group)Cigdem Pospisil (Bryan’s class)
Year 7 (I Group)Sarah Moir
Year 8 (II Group)Sara Zatouroff
Year 9 (III Group)Angela Wormald
Year 10 (IV Group)Zoe Brown
Year 11 (V Group)Mary Holt
Year 12 (Lower Sixth)Lucy Boston
Year 13 (Upper Sixth) Janine Lambert


Class List

The Parents’ Circle uses ClassList to help parents connect. It is a secure online database that only shows your details to the class your son/daughter is in.

You can add as little or as much information as you would like and it can be used via the ClassLitst app or a computer.

If you have any questions, please contact your class rep or Parents’ Circle. All the Reps are contactable through

For more information and to sign up to Classlist:

Download ClassList Infographic

Download All about Classlist

For more information about the Parents’ Circle please email