School Life

The St Chris community is a thriving and welcoming one. The sense of focussed energy that visitors often remark on and the variety of activities that take place each day are some of the hallmarks of a St Chris education.

The School Day

The school day at St Chris starts at 8.35am and runs to 1.30pm in the Nursery, 3.20pm in the Junior School and 3.55pm in the Senior School.

Pupils are often in school after this for a variety of clubs and activities, and the day can also be extended through our wraparound care options, from 7.30am in the morning until 6.30pm (Junior School) or 7.30pm (Senior School) after school.

You can find more information about wraparound care here.

Boarding and Day

There are over 550 girls and boys in St Chris aged from 3 to 18.  As well as day places we offer full, weekly and occasional boarding in the Senior School which enables children to have a work and fun packed week without the stresses of daily commuting. This also allows us to be a real 24/7 community.

Vertical Activities

From the very beginning at St Chris there is a strong sense of community and we find that children quickly get to know each other across the different year groups. The older children in the Junior School listen to the younger ones read. Senior School peer mentors help guide the Junior School Council. The Sixth Form spends some of their community service helping in Junior School classes. On Thursday afternoon Options in the Senior School, children work in vertical groups with children of all ages.

Morning Talks

Morning Talks are the St Chris version of an assembly. Pupils from Reception to Sixth Form attend Morning Talk each week in the School Theatre: Daily in the Junior School, and three times a week for the different year  groups in the Senior School.

Morning Talks are often focussed on a theme and students listen to a talk or presentation from either an external speaker, a member of staff or a student. There is also often a music performance and school notices are read out.


In all areas of the School we hold a silence at the start of school meetings, Morning Talks or at the start of meals. During this time we are quiet for a short while and take time for our own thoughts, to reflect on what we’ve heard or just use the time to take a breath.


There is no uniform at St Chris. We ask that all clothes are appropriate, clean and mended.  Camouflage and military-type clothing are unsuitable.  A St Chris PE kit is available to buy online and is required for all children from Year 5 in the Junior School and up. Details about how to purchase a PE kit are sent to new starters.

First Name Terms

We use first name terms between staff and students, staff and parents and staff and other staff at St Chris. We find that it breaks down potential barriers to communication, particularly between staff and students, and enables a more relaxed style of communication that enables mutual respect.

Covid-19 Information

Due to the containment measures associated with the COVID-19 outbreak, St Chris is currently physically closed for mainstream schooling. We continue to operate remotely to offer virtual learning for all of our pupils and our top priorities are to:

  • Continue to support and move forward the learning goals of each class or subject;
  • Support our pupils pastorally;
  • Support families as they navigate challenges that arise with work schedules and childcare.

Current Parents

Full details of our remote learning arrangements and resources, pastoral care and safeguarding information have been emailed to parents. Please visit our parent portal for updated information. Staff contact details can be found by clicking here.

If you are a prospective family looking for a school for your child, our Admissions Office is open and members of our Admissions Team are available to talk to. They can answer any questions you may have about the school and how to apply, set up virtual meetings with key teachers and can send you a video tour of the site while the School is closed.

As well as offering video tours, we are also organising a small number of socially distanced tours of the School to those families looking for places for September 2020. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more.

Admissions Contact Details

Kate Allan, Registrar.


Tel: +44 (0) 7714 618 233.