Today, Sorley, Chair of Events and Fundraising, and our Major Officials are raffling a teddy bear and organising ‘Stupid Cupid’ cards and chocolates for Valentines treats, raising money for the British Heart Foundation.
The British Heart Foundation works across the whole of the UK, funding around £100 million of research each year into all heart and circulatory diseases and their causes. Since it was founded, the research funded by donations has helped to reduce deaths from heart and circulatory diseases by more than half. Around 7 million people in the UK live with conditions that the BHF strives to understand and treat and with our donations we are directly supporting all of these people.
Stupid Cupid will take place for final time at Little Break break tomorrow so please bring in your change if you’d like to make a donation.
To send a card is £1
Card and chocolate £2
Card, chocolate and flowers £5
There will also be a cake sale on Friday at break time!