The Sixth Form took part in the St Chris ‘Bake Off’ this week with Biscuit Week.  It was great to see some really ambitious bakes from our competitors:
Claire Slater’s Company – Oli G, Yuto S, Monty F-W and Soonu D baked an impressively engineered Gingerbread Christmas Tree;
Dave Ilott’s Company – Izzy H, Immy F-W and Adrian R baked Chocolate Christmas pudding cookies & Gingerbread and White Chocolate Cookies
Susanne’s Company – Izzy F, Olivia R and James W baked Oreo cupcakes and a giant Choc Chip Cookie Cake.
Nat Baker and Jenny Savage (Head and Deputy Head of Sixth Form) made up our judging panel this week.  The competition was tough but Dave’s Group took home the ‘Star Baker’ award this week!