For more than 25 years St Chris has run an inter-school Recycled Fashion Show project, culminating in a catwalk show featuring up to 80 pupils wearing themed costumes made from recycled materials, with prizes for the best entries in different categories.

Sadly, due to the current situation with Covid-19, we are unable to run a live show this year, and we have been looking at alternative ways to engage students creatively within the wider community at this difficult time.

With this in mind, we are launching a St Chris community Creative Mask Project!

It is our hope that an expressive take on the masks we are all having to wear at the moment will help inspire us to create, imagine, find humour and comment together as a community.

The project can be undertaken by people of any age; all St Chris pupils have been invited to take part – but we would also like to invite entries from parents, grandparents, neighbours and friends!

Quite simply, we are asking entrants to design, create and embellish a mask (or masks). The masks could be made from scratch or developed from a plain mask base. There are lots of free mask patterns available on the internet.

The masks can be developed in any way the creator chooses and there is no restriction in terms of the materials used or design and construction. We have been inspired by the work of Anne Sophie Cochevelou or this article in The Guardian might also provide inspiration.

Once the masks are finished they will need to be uploaded, along with details of the maker, using this link (or click on the form below)

Feel free to photograph your mask creatively although a plain background will help us to focus on what has been made.

We will also ask you to complete an image consent form at the same time as uploading your entry. For children, this form will need to be completed by someone with parental responsibility for them.

We have extended the deadline for entries to Monday 8 March 2021, 5.00pm – please upload your entry by then.

As well as winners of the different age categories, additional prizes will be awarded for the following:

  • Best Overall Design
  • Most inventive use of materials
  • Face to the Future
  • Best Mask with a Message
  • Best Slogan
  • Maddest Mask
  • Most innovative mask
  • Best household bubble

Thank you for taking part and please feel free to share your progress photos with us along the way! If you would like to tag us in your social media posts we are @stchris_school on Twitter and Instagram, and please use the hashtag #TheCreativeMaskProject.