This week, as part of their Senior School virtual sports day challenge, St Chris pupils have been taking part in a Limbo Challenge and a Star Agility Challenge.

Limbo Challenge – Set up your own limbo!

How low can you go? Measure your lowest distances (and video your performances) and send them into

Dalia (Year 7) inspired our challenge this week converting the hurdling challenge into a limbo challenge! She used two dining chairs and a piece of rope to form her limbo line. See video below!

Limbo Challenge Rules and Examples 

Star Agility Challenge – How many times can you complete the star in 30secs?

You will need 5 markers (cones/stones/socks). Please see the YouTube clips below on how to set this up and some teaching points on how to maximise your performance in this challenge. Our recommendation is the outer cones should be about 3 wide side steps out from the centre cone.

Star agility Challenge Examples


  • Please ensure you have warmed up thoroughly before attempting either challenge task to avoid any strained muscles, particularly in your knees, ankles and lower back in the limbo!
  • Share your experience! Please do email in your videos of you completing the challenges to
  • You can earn points for your House and have the option of inspiring others to take part!

Virtual Sports Day – Limbo Challenge from St Chris on Vimeo.