Our second School Strike for Climate was held on Friday 28 February 2020!

As cries of “Friday’s for Future!” reverberated along the School corridors, it was clear that it was time for another ‘Strike for Climate’ at St Chris.  Lessons continued as normal, but staff were encouraged to teach with an environmental theme.  However, the most exciting features of the day happened in Morning Talk, little break and at lunchtime:

  • In Morning Talk the Junior School Be Green Club kick started the day by giving an incredibly impressive presentation on all of the projects they have set up and would like to help roll out in the Senior School.  Their voices may have been small, but their message was loud and clear.  The Senior School Be Green club members then took to the stage and delivered empowering and impassioned speeches and poems about what is happening to our planet and how we can help.  Our Green Major Official, Bea Wonham, reminded us that being green is “a whole school initiative” and everyone was encouraged to support and stand by each other.
  • Little break’s first ever vegan cake sale was a huge success thanks to Stanley from I Group (Year 7) and his team of bakers raising funds for future projects.  Students were more than happy to support the cause by eating cake… no protests there!
  • Despite the lunchtime rain spirits were not dampened and activities went ahead with full vigour! There was eco-warrior face painting, a pledge wall, henna tattoos, t-shirt and poster printing and our first ever ‘Green Speaker’s Corner’ where students could voice their opinions on climate change.  We even had a special guest – Helen Pankhurst (women’s rights activist and great granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst, a leader in the British suffragette movement), drop by to show her support and remind us all of the importance of standing up for what you believe in, the power of protest, and the importance of working together for a better future.

At St Chris we promote the idea of individual thought and independence, alongside the strength of a community, and there was no day it was more apparent than school strike day.

A huge thank you to the 30+ students and staff who helped make it the biggest and best school strike at St Chris ever!

In other local green news…

Did you know about Letchworth’s first ‘Reverse Vending Machine’ near Superdrug?! It gives you vouchers to spend locally in return for your cans and plastic bottles! See here for more info https://www.loveletchworth.com/rewards/

Emma Bennett-Jones and Lydia Somerville
Be Green Together Staff Rep’s