On Friday children and staff in the Junior School thoroughly enjoyed a Power Hour event, where staff led a range of activities that they are passionate about to inspire the children and enhance their love of learning.

The Power Hour was based on the rationale that teachers with passion inspire students and get them interested in what they are learning, and that inspired children want to learn more.
The event gave staff the opportunity to share one of their own passions with the children. Subjects included:
  • Around the world in 60 Minutes with Ellie
  • Funky Interiors with Marcia
  • Fun, Food and Fitness with Chloe & Anita
  • Checkmate Chess Challenge with Carly
  • Stage Costume Design with Bryan
  • Planning an Eco Birthday Party with Lydia
  • Comic Workshop with Jim
  • World of Wool (and Pom Poms) with Gemma
  • Colourful Cross Stitch with Louise
  • Football Refereeing with Lyn and Katie

Some of the children’s comments included:

‘I didn’t realise how hard it was to be a Referee!’

‘It was fun making the energy balls’

‘There won’t be any wastage from our eco-birthday party for Teddy’

‘We looked carefully at the materials to see how they moved before we did our designs’

‘My design was inspired by autumn’

‘We learnt a lot about chess!’

‘In my Around the World in 60 minutes workshop I wanted to go to Calgary and Canada because I was born there.’

‘I learnt to do lots of different stitches’

Due to its success we are already considering a child led Power Hour to give children the opportunity to share interests they love.

Watch this space…