On  Monday poet, emcee, and theatre-maker Simon Mole came to spend the day with the Junior School.

Simon is an urban poet, and used his experience as a hip-hop artist to inspire all of our children to create their own poems.

He began the day with an amazing Morning Talk where he performed some of his fast-paced spoken pieces, enthralling the children with his speed and articulation. Simon’s poems have a strong rhythm and beat that make them so accessible to young people. He then led workshops with all the children from Year 1 to Year 6 (J to D Group) and the work the children created was mind-blowing! Here are some phrases some of our youngest children wrote:

‘Excitement smells like a place of fun’

‘Anger is a darkening gold’

‘Love tastes like a cold watermelon’

Zareena Subhani, Junior School Deputy Head