Pastoral care

St Chris gives students clear guidelines for acceptable behaviour and standards of work.

Working in the library

The school is proud of its pastoral care, which underpins all that we do. The consideration that we show everyone within our community is a reflection of our overall ethos based on trust and mutual respect.

In good company

All children within the Senior School are part of a ‘Company’, which consists of up to 20 children from the same year group who are cared for by an Adviser whom they meet every morning. The Advisers are supported by Heads of Year and they, in turn, are supported by the Director of Pastoral Care. In addition, we have a team of Counsellors, a School Nurse and a School Doctor.

Self-government system

Our Self-government system is an important part of the School, empowering pupils to play an active role in school life and giving them an early taste of democracy in action.

The system is run by a group of elected ‘Major Officials’. These are students in the Lower Sixth who run the various committees. The Council is made up of one Councillor from each Company. Anyone may attend Council meetings and put forward motions for discussion but only Councillors may vote. Proposals passed by Council are discussed at a meeting of the entire Senior School, chaired by the Head Boy and Head Girl. A vote is taken and it is the responsibility of the Major Officials to ensure that resolutions passed in a School meeting are enacted.

While the Head does have a power of veto, it has only been used five times in the past 25 years!