Our values

Every child is different and unlike most schools we don't treat every one the same.

We treat young people as individuals and aim to help them develop competence and resourcefulness, social conscience and moral courage, the capacity for friendship and a true zest for life.

Modern since 1915

When the School was founded in 1915 the Daily Herald reported that the School was based 'not on the sameness of children, their conformity to type, but on their differences.' This concept of treating children as individuals was revolutionary at the time and continues to be one of the distinctive characteristics of a St Chris education.

We do not have a uniform as we believe that all members of our community should be able to choose the most appropriate clothing for their day at School as this encourages responsible individuality.

School days should be great days

There are often enormous pressures on children to become adults too early. This is a pressure we help our pupils resist. We believe childhood and schooling are important in their own right, experiences to be enjoyed and nurtured, not merely a means to an end.

Global citizens

A practical commitment to global issues has always been a central value of the School. Our students visit Rajasthan, Kosovo and Ladakh (Indian Himalayas) to work constructively with local communities and gain invaluable insight into global citizenship.

Healthy food

We enjoy fresh, tasty, healthy food. Our diet includes produce from our local suppliers. Menus are worked out according to season and availability and offer a nutritious and varied selection of hot and cold dishes including 18 different salads each day.

Environment matters

The School maintains its commitment to the environment; students grow, harvest and sell vegetables on site, and the vermicomposting project deals with a significant proportion of daily food waste to produce fertiliser. Talks and presentations raise awareness of global environmental issues.