Scholarships & Fee Assistance

St Chris offers a range of scholarships and fee assistance to encourage applications to the School.

What is the Difference Between a Scholarship and Fee Assistance?

Scholarships are merit-based and involve an assessment such as an entrance exam or an interview and portfolio assessment. There are deadlines for applying and everyone goes through the same process.

Fee assistance is available, through our bursary scheme, to those families with children joining St Chris who have need of it. Bursaries are means-tested awards for financial assistance and are made at the School’s discretion.

It is possible for a pupil to receive a bursary in addition to a scholarship.


Each year we offer scholarships in the Senior School for entry into Year 7, Year 9 and Sixth Form to children who excel academically or show outstanding talent in art. There is one Academic Scholarship and one Art Scholarship awarded in each year group.

Scholarships form a maximum value of 10% of tuition fees, and are awarded after consideration of an applicant’s performance in assessment exercises and interviews. They are awarded on merit and/or the ability to make an outstanding contribution to the wider life of the School.

Academic Scholarships

In Year 7 and Year 9 all students are automatically considered for an Academic Scholarship based on the results of the entrance tests they sit for the School.

Scholarships for the Sixth Form are awarded following consideration of an applicant’s performance in her/his GCSE examinations.

Art Scholarships

St Chris has a strong pedigree in the arts, and our vibrant art department offers outstanding facilities. Our team of specialist teaching staff encourage individuality and diversity.

Scholarship candidates must demonstrate a lively enthusiasm for the subject, as well as proven ability to produce imaginative, thoughtful and creative responses through a variety of media, ideas and approaches.

How to Apply for an Art Scholarship

To be considered for an Art Scholarship, please indicate your interest when registering via our online Registration Form. You will then be asked to complete an additional form on our online admissions portal.

The deadline for submitting Art Scholarship applications for September 2022 entry is Friday 5 November 2021.

Applicants are invited for an Art Scholarship interview with the Art Department, and will be asked to bring a portfolio of their work to discuss alongside a more general talk about their interests and experiences in the creative arts.

Fee Assistance

Financial assistance is available through our bursary scheme to those families with children, applying to any year group, who have need of it.

St Chris offers fee assistance to parents whose income is such that they would not otherwise be able to pay the full fees. The amount of fee assistance available is limited and it is generally awarded to new entrants to the school.

All financial awards are means tested, and are based on an assessment of how much a child will be able to benefit from attending St Chris, their family’s financial circumstances and the degree of assistance required.

Applicants must complete a Fess Assistance Form, which is confidential, that is then assessed by the St Chris Bursary Committee.

The Bursary Committee meets once a year, in January, to consider fee assistance applications and to review the progress of each bursary holder. Fee assistance continue for each year in which a child remains at St Chris, subject to an annual review of the parents’ financial circumstances and to the satisfaction of the Head and the Bursary Committee that the child is continuing to benefit from, and contribute fully to, the school.

The deadline for submitting Fee Assistance applications for September 2022 entry is Friday 5 November 2021.

Sixth Form Fee Assistance

Each year The Robertson Bursary Trust and St Chris fund two full places for pupils to attend our Sixth Form. Fee assistance can cover both day and boarding fees.

The fund was set up by the Robertson family, who have been part of the St Christopher community as pupils, active Old Scholars and Governors for many years.

The deadline for submitting Fee Assistance applications for September 2022 entry into Sixth Form is Friday 5 November 2021.

How to Apply for Fee Assistance

Please download our Fee Assistance Guidelines and Application Form below if you would like to apply. Application Forms need to be submitted to the Admissions team by Friday 5 November 2021 in order to be considered for September 2022 entry.