100 years of distinctive, independent education.

St Christopher School parents' day, 1916

St Christopher School was established in 1915 by Dr. Armstrong Smith soon after the foundation of Letchworth Garden City. Throughout our history the school has been a champion of progressive education.

At the time of its foundation the Daily Herald reported that the School was based

"not on the sameness of children, their conformity to type, but on their differences."

This concept of treating children as individuals was revolutionary at the time and continues to be one of the distinctive characteristics of a St Chris education.

A tradition of difference

The ethos of the school was carried on by Beatrice Ensor and Isabel King, who assumed joint headship in 1919 following Dr. Smith's retirement. They both left to found Frensham Heights in Surrey six years later.

The School developed and expanded under the guidance of Lyn and Eleanor Harris (1925–1953), carried on by their son Nicholas (1954–1980).

The current head is Richard Palmer, who first worked at the school in the 1980s returning as a teacher before assuming the role of Head of the Junior School and then the Headship in 2006.

The idea of the founders was to create a school where all children were celebrated as individuals, regardless of their particular abilities, a radical concept that remains relevant and important today.