Events, Conferences and Presentations

The main aim of these events, conferences and presentations is to make sure that the whole school ethos of internationalism is communicated and absorbed by the whole community.

Our whole School “Morning Talks” (Assemblies), our “Options” programme (timetabled activities for groups of mixed ages) with many offers of international and community-based themes, as well as special events such as our annual “Peace One Day” conference, all encourage involvement.

We firmly believe that every one of us can make a difference in local, national and global communities, but for us to be able to do so, we need to make sure that young people know what issues the world is faced with.

We feel that the success of this outlook is measured by the amount of involvement our students show in global issues. Our environmental group (“Be Green”) is having a strong impact at School and is campaigning locally: for example, student members petitioned the local Council about the over-use of plastic bags in supermarkets and were invited to a local council meeting as a result of their campaign. This is just one example of positive involvement which stems from a good basis of knowledge on global environmental issues.

Students also organise and run an Amnesty International group. Events such as the mock UN Conference on “The Rights of the Child” have fed into this and enhance students’ level of knowledge and awareness.

Community Service is part of the timetabled requirement of every Sixth Former. Students have been very actively involved in the two Community Action Mornings, which involved a number of local schools and engaged students in issues with global, as well as local significance.

Fair Trade also features strongly in the whole School and pupils are aware of the effects that their habits of consumption have on themselves and the wider world.