Celebrating international culture and traditions

We feel that it is of vital importance for young people growing up in the 21st century to accept, appreciate and celebrate the fact that there are a wide variety of cultural, religious, social and artistic traditions around the world.

Knowing about these traditions enriches our lives and broadens our outlook. It makes it possible for young people to feel at home in a diverse world and to accept that “different” is never a value judgement. Children learn about international festivals from an early age, they are exposed to different kinds of music, art and dance and they learn about different religious traditions and different lifestyles.

In the Junior School different year groups are involved in term-long projects highlighting a different country or region of the world. In the Senior School this global outlook is further widened.

We do notice very clearly that our pupils are open and tolerant to differences. The groundwork towards becoming global citizens has to be laid very early.

We have started recently to share projects done at St Christopher with our partner schools in India.