International perspectives

St Chris has a long tradition of involvement in education from an international perspective.


One of the aims of the school's founders was to make pupils aware of their shared heritage as human beings rather than concentrate on their national characteristics. Since the School was founded in 1915, such an aspiration retains its initial resonance.

In more recent times, the School has continued to build upon its desire for pupils to gain a broader perspective on life. There is a strong focus on trying to understand the assumptions of people who live in other countries, on other continents. This begins in the Nursery and runs all the way to the Sixth Form when pupils are able to participate in projects abroad.

Besides our curricular concerns with promoting international perspectives, we have always encouraged pupils to travel, not just as tourists but as observers of what really goes on in other countries.

Pupils have the opportunity to visit France or Spain as part of an exchange programme. As part of our tradition of charitable activities, we maintain projects in Rajasthan and Ladakh which work with local people in an attempt to improve the quality of their lives while enriching the understanding and characters of our pupils.

We celebrate international diversity across the age ranges and the curriculum and most importantly through our ethos of celebration and acceptance of the rights of all to be individuals with responsibility to our local, national and global community.

St Christopher School, we feel, espouses naturally the ideals of the International School Award, of which we are proud holders and keen supporters.