St Chris celebrated 100 years of distinctive and successful education in 2015.

Centenary Morning Talk. 20 January 2015

We have been pioneering a distinctive and innovative approach to education for 100 years and our methods have stood the test of time. We believe – and universities and employers tell us – that it produces well-rounded, highly capable individuals with the skills and confidence to thrive in the modern world

We help children to become self-disciplined, self-motivated and creative thinkers and develop them as independent learners who are able to make informed choices.

These are very important years that are part of the journey from childhood to adulthood. There are new friends to meet, new subjects to learn, new activities to try and new challenges to tackle. There will be successes and there will be failures, that all need to be met with the right attitude.

At St Chris we have high expectations of all within the School. We expect excellent behaviour and maximum effort. We also expect everyone to work together, to enjoy their time at School and have fun working hard.

When the School was first founded the daily Herald reported that the School was based ‘not on the sameness of children, their conformity to type, but on their differences.’ This concept, like the fact that children can choose what they wish to wear to school and, that all are addressed by their first names was distinctive in 1915. Today, these are of course modern practices that continue to support our highly effective learning and teaching as they have done for one hundred years.

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