Sixth Formers answer FAQs

Students at St Chris answer some frequently asked questions.

Toby, Lower Sixth student

When did you come to St Chris?

I joined in the Lower Sixth.

Is it very different to your last school?

Yes! The fact that we all call teachers by their first names and that there’s no uniform means that I really feel like I am respected for being myself.

Is studying A-levels very different to GCSEs?

Yes, obviously I don’t study as many subjects (I am taking four AS levels) but also I am expected to work more independently outside lesson time, although the teachers guide me and point me in the right direction.

When you’re at School, who can you turn to if you’re finding something difficult?

Just about anyone! I have a personal tutor who I meet most weeks and she really knows me and how I like to work. She also helps me to get involved in all sorts of other things. For instance, she helped me set up a lunchtime dance club. I’m also a boarder and so my Houseparents are really helpful – especially at reminding me to unload the dishwasher!

Apart from the dance club, what else do you do when you’re out of lessons?

For my community service I am working at a local Special Needs school. I recently visited Rajasthan and taught basic Science there – it was an amazing experience and I am hoping to go back during my gap year.

Sally, Upper Sixth student

When did you come to St Chris?

I’ve been at St Chris since I was 3, so that’s 15 years!

How would you describe the School?

It’s an amazing place. I feel valued and respected and, equally, I value and respect the other students and staff. It’s going to be sad to leave but I feel ready for the world!

How is the Sixth Form different to the Senior School?

Instead of an Adviser I have a Personal Tutor, which means that I get one-to-one support at the times that I need it – that’s been particularly helpful in deciding what I want to do after A-levels and for when I find things too stressful around exam times. Attendance at Morning Talk is only compulsory twice a week and at certain times we are allowed off campus if we want to study at home.

How did you choose what A-levels to do?

I chose subjects that I really enjoyed. I thought that as I was going to be spending two years of my life studying them I ought to make it as enjoyable as possible – and it has been very enjoyable.

Is the teaching different in the Sixth Form?

Yes, the groups are very small and the work is very much tailored to the individuals within the class. It’s brilliant being able to use our study periods to go and find teachers and work individually with them.

Have you decided what you want to do next?

Yes, I have an offer to read medicine so I’m working hard at the moment to get the grades.