Shared responsibility

The chance to develop school and external programmes helps students take responsibility.

Helping children in the Junior School with their reading


Sixth Form students have the opportunity to stand for election to positions of responsibility as ‘Major Officials’. These meet weekly for lunch with the Head and Deputy Head, where they discuss a range of issues and help to develop and review policy. They also run a number of groups within the School including our Events and Fundraising and Human Rights Committees.


All Sixth Formers - as members of the School Council or other committees that help to run campaigns and events during the School year - have the opportunity to contribute to the running of the School and through this they learn that with power and influence comes responsibility and accountability.


Sixth Formers are in the unique position of being able to design, develop, implement and evaluate initiatives both within the School and the local, national and international community. For example, they prepare adult and child based teaching and learning resources for use in our international charitable work.


There are also opportunities to take part in expeditions, including our annual international expeditions to, for example the Himalayas, as well as the opportunity to gain Duke of Edinburgh Awards.