Parent FAQs

Questions frequently asked by parents about St Chris.

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How many pupils do you have in the Senior School?

We have just over 320 pupils in Years 7-13. There are three form groups in Years 7 and 8. They are joined by a new intake of pupils who have left Prep schools at 13+ or the Middle School system at the end of Year 8. Teaching groups are small, allowing us to easily differentiate between ability levels and meet individual pupil needs.

Where do most of your pupils live?

We have a wide catchment area. Our buses transport pupils to and from School on routes that start in Cambridge, Harpenden, Clophill and Highgate, London. Each makes several stops along the way. Other pupils prefer to use the mainline rail connections from Kings Cross and Cambridge (we also operate a bus service to and from the station to the School at peak times). Late buses run to accommodate children who wish to take part in our extensive range of after school activities and sport matches.

Which universities do your pupils move onto?

Virtually all of our students go onto further education, with a significant proportion of them going to university, including Oxbridge. We have a broad spectrum of pupils here at St Chris, which is matched by the diverse range of courses they choose to study when they leave us. Whichever path they take, our aim is to ensure that every pupil achieves their full potential.

St Christopher appears to have a less formal approach than other independent schools; how do you maintain boundaries and motivate pupils to learn?

While some areas of School life are more informal than one might see in other independent schools, there is the same commitment to high standards of teaching and learning. Pupils repay our trust by showing respect for their teachers and their environment. The atmosphere in the School is purposeful with pupils and teachers working together to ensure that all achieve their best. Children and teachers here have high aspirations, which, combined with an enjoyment of learning and a real sense of togetherness, are a powerful motivating force.

The move to Senior School is such a big step. How do you make sure that new pupils make a smooth transition?

We have an outstanding pastoral support team led by our Director of Pastoral Care. The team includes Heads of Year, Advisers, our Pastoral Assistant and School Nurse. The wellbeing of our pupils is at the heart of all we do; as a result, when you visit you will see that our pupils are happy, self-confident young people with a common sense of purpose. They enjoy being here and are passionate ambassadors for their School. Visitors regularly comment on this and we hope you will sense this too.