Results and achievements

Our students do well and we are proud of their achievements.

Scaling the climbing wall at St Chris

St Chris pupils can join the Early Years Centre in the term in which they turn three. Almost all children progress through the School to public examinations at GCSE, A-level. Those that join the School at other stages need to be of 'average ability and above'. As a result of this and sibling preference, our ability range is wider than purely academically selective schools.

Interest and enthusiasm come first

At GCSE, and A-level we are determined that pupils should choose courses that appeal to them; that they will do well in and that will enable them to move forward in the way that they would like to.

Almost all of our pupils leaving the Sixth Form do so to move onto Higher Education courses, some taking a 'GAP' Year beforehand, some of whom choose to work in one of our own overseas projects.

We base our examination entry on subject enthusiasm, a real sense of purpose and a willingness to do one's best. We do not withdraw children from examinations if we think they are going to get a low grade and we would not discourage children from taking examination courses in subjects that they may not excel at academically, providing they can demonstrate a genuine interest and determination to get the best result they can.

Achievement is more than exam results

Examination results record one very important aspect of achievement at School. We have decided quite deliberately to not publish our results as part of League Tables in the National Press. We do not compare ourselves with other Schools. We do not compare one child with another. We look at the achievements of every individual in the context of their own ability to ensure that all fulfil their potential, both now and in the future.

We are confident that our examination results, like all of the other areas of achievement at School, reflect the very best endeavour of our pupils and their teachers.

Summary of 2018 results


  • 20% of all grades A*
  • 31% of all grades were A/A*
  • 45% of results were A* - B grades


  • 30% of grades were 9 - 7 (A* or A)
  • 68% of grades were 9 - 5 or equivalent
  • 84% of students had at least five 9 to 4 grades (or equivalent)

Full results are available from the Admissions Office.