Parents' Circle

The Chris Parents’ Circle fosters the sense of community at St Christopher School and provides opportunities for parents, children and staff to socialise and have fun!

To book tickets for Parents' Circle events please visit the Parents' Circle events website here.

Parents' Circle Parent Reps:

Monte (Nursery): Alison Burrows
K Group (Reception): Rachel Green
J Group (Year 1): Sarah Weatherall Morris & Susan Rook
H Group (Year 2): Kate Baker
G Group (Year 3): Archana Doraiswamy & Camilla Hamilton
F Group (Year 4) (Louise’s Class): Ann-Marie Fallon Cotton
F Group (Year 4) (Carly’s Class): Emma Hogg
E Group (Year 5) (Christine & Zarenna's Class): Leda Samuel
E Group (Year 5) (Tania & Jamie's Class): Aileen MacArthur
D Group (Year 6) (Emma’s Class): Michelle Gahan
D Group (Year 6) (Bryan’s Class): Sara Zatouroff
I Group (Year 7): Ruth Ingram
II Group (Year 8): Zoe Brown
III Group (Year 9): Mary Holt
IV Group (Year 10): Jane Lowrie
V Group (Year 11): Janine Lambert

The Parents' Circle uses ClassList to help parents connect. It is a secure online database that only shows your details to the class your son/daughter is in. You can put as little or as much information as you would like and it can be used via the app or a computer. If you have any questions, please contact your class rep or Parents' Circle.

For more information and to sign up to Classlist:

Download ClassList Infographic (908.98 kB PDF)

Download All about Classlist (850.54 kB PDF)

Parents' Circle newsletters:


Download Parents' Circle Spring Term Newsletter (6.50 MB PDF)

Download Parents' Circle Newsletter May 2017 (7.87 MB PDF)

Download PC Newsletter feb 2017 (1.32 MB PDF)

Agenda for the next meeting:

Download PC Agenda 12.3.18 (104.38 kB PDF)

Minutes of the last meeting:

Download PC Minutes 20.9.17 (136.25 kB PDF)

For more information about the Parents' Circle, or if you have any questions, comments or suggestions and can’t make it to the next meeting, please email