Parent and community links

Parents play an active role in the School and we have strong local, national and international links.

Parents’ Circle

The Parents’ Circle has a long history within the School having played an active role since 1921. The group provides a welcoming environment where parents can get to know one another, share ideas and have some fun.

Active members meet once every half term. Meeting dates are circulated to all parents at the beginning of the year.

Throughout the year the Parents’ Circle organise a number of events including quiz nights, a firework display, Easter fun and games and an annual party to name but a few. The hope is that such occasions provide a School-wide “inclusive” environment to get to know other parents and support the sense of community that the School provides.

Community links

St Christopher has very much ‘grown up’ with Letchworth, the first Garden City, and is closely linked with the town. The School operates extra-mural courses for members of the local community which are open to all. In addition, the swimming pool is regularly open to other organisations, as are the School's games fields, theatre and music facilities. There are also strong links with regional arts associations.

We work closely with the local community, supporting events and through our own community service programme. We regularly work with and raise funds for international, national and local charities.

The School is committed to an international approach and is both a UNESCO affiliated School and a holder of the International Schools Award. There is an extensive exchange programme and links also with schools in Rajasthan and Ladakh.