Teaching and learning

We help children develop their own learning styles.

Lessons are engaging and challenging

Through our varied teaching methods and the strong relationship between the pupils and their teachers we encourage the development of self-discipline and the capacity for independent learning.

Our lessons are exciting and challenge students think for themselves and ask questions. The results for all are impressive - we are successful and different.

Continual improvement

We also involve the pupils in observing and shaping classroom teaching techniques. This provides the children with an opportunity to demonstrate innovation and gives the teachers invaluable insights to help them continuously improve their classroom techniques.

Our students are not simply coached to pass exams, but are instead encouraged to enjoy their learning and challenge themselves.

Morning talks and silent reflection

The School has no religious affiliation and we welcome people of all faiths and none. Although there is no collective act of worship or religious education, there is a morning talk three times a week that includes live music, a talk on a current affairs issue or other area of specific interest and a period of silence.

This form of silent reflection – a technique that we have pioneered at St Chris – is seen increasingly by educational experts as highly beneficial, giving children the time and space to think about what they have heard in the context of their own life and that of the wider community.