Our approach

We encourage children to think for themselves, work together and act responsibly.

Getting creative in CDT

We help pupils to become self-disciplined and self-motivated individuals who are independent learners, creative thinkers and able to make informed choices.

Our lessons challenge students think for themselves and develop a real inquisitiveness. The results for all are impressive - we are successful and different.

High expectations

At St Chris we have high expectations of all within the School. We expect excellent behaviour and maximum effort and that is what we get from our pupils. We also expect everyone to work together, to enjoy their time at School and have fun working hard.

Preparation for work

We have been pioneering a distinctive and innovative approach to education for almost 100 years and our methods have stood the test of time. We believe – and universities and employers tell us – that it produces well-rounded, high capability students with the skills and confidence to thrive in the modern world. We can think of no better role for a school.