Bounce Day

Friday 08 June 2018

DSC_0278Today is Bounce Day in the Junior School where we're celebrating ‘bouncebackability’!

Pupils (and teachers!) are focussing on F.A.I.L – First Attempt In Learning! They are being challenged to show how resilient, empathic, imaginative, collaborative and independent they can be to drive their own learning in some rather unusual situations!

The day so far has included trying: to solve escape mysteries; to create shadow stories; to paint without our hands; to remember and recreate Lego structures; to learn circus skills and lots of other physical and mental challenges.

The day is part of the Junior School’s continuing commitment to encouraging our children to become resilient, independent learners.


Colour Me workshop


Big Top skills!


Who can get out of the Orchard?


Memory Bricks challenge!


Marble Maze


Not as easy as you think!


Shadow stories