Years 1 to 6

We focus on the needs of each child to help them develop a love of learning.

Exploring the library

In Years 1 to 6 classes are small and under the direction of a class teacher, who takes academic and pastoral responsibility for the children.

Careful assessment and monitoring ensures that each child fulfils her or his potential. Teaching techniques are dynamic and flexible to match individual learning styles and to develop an appetite for learning.

Childhood is valued

We recognise the value of childhood and celebrate it. Children thrive with clear boundaries, firm direction and being with adults and peers who share in their joy of discovery and value the part they play in our community.

All children benefit from at least five hours of directed mathematical and language learning each week. In addition, they enjoy a rich Science and Humanities curriculum with each year group covering a different topic each term.

Balanced curriculum

Teachers plan carefully to ensure a well-balanced curriculum of Science, Geography, History, PSHE and Art & Design in line with national expectations, which is presented in a stimulating, creative and holistic way. Music and PE are taught by subject specialists and, throughout the School, French is taught by native speakers.

Modern technology

Networked computers give all children access to a huge range of learning resources, and all classrooms in the Junior School use interactive whiteboards. The ICT suite in the open plan library is a valuable facility, capable of accommodating a full class. We teach the children about online safety and responsibility from a young age.