The Junior School

Wednesday 02 September 2015

And this is why the children in our Junior School are as happy and successful as they are:

I read an article in the Telegraph today that starts: "Over testing children and imposing unreasonable targets will not raise standards, argues Tony Draper, our system of assessment at primary level needs to be reviewed"

Well, thank goodness someone has stated the obvious! The over-testing of children of Primary age is something that causes damage to children that can never be reversed. You will hear Heads all over the country saying this, powerless in the maintained sector to do anything about it. And yet Independent Prep Schools and Senior Schools continue to collude to create a stress and exam driven school entry system that sees children as young a seven having multiple Tutors in order to try and get into highly academically selective schools. I would have thought that if they can't get in without tutoring then perhaps it's not the right school for them?

In our Junior School we do tests, they're a good way of finding out certain things. However, we don't take part in SATS or have entry exams as such, just Cognitive Ability Tests that tell us what each child's strengths are. We believe in flexible mindsets. We believe that children can, in the right supportive, creative environment exceed their own and our expectations of them.

Our own Junior School is a wonderful place full of happy, vibrant, curious and hard working girls and boys. They achieve well not in spite of the lack of pressure, but because of it.


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