Saturday 18 January 2014

A few thoughts before Assessment Morning commences....

This morning most of the children applying for 11+ and 13+ entry will arrive for assessment. As I sit and ponder the last of the arrangements my mind can't help but wander into thinking about why we assess children. The easy stock answer for this morning is so that we can make sure they will be able to cope with our curriculum. But it's actually more than that. It's about making sure that we can properly look after each and every child so that they can make the most of their time at School.

We use the results of this morning's tests in conjunction with everything else we know about the child and their family. For some, St Chris just isn't the right type of school and if they were to come here then they'd probably not be happy. It's our duty of course to identify these early to ensure that expectations and hopes aren't raised. It's why I have a great fear about Tutoring. If a child needs to receive hours of Tutoring each week to 'get in' to a school then are they really going to thrive and flourish when they get there? Will the tutoring have to continue in order that they can just keep up? If so, then what sort of life is that for a child? Is that really what we want our children to experience for 7 of their formative years?

I hope that the children with us this morning actually enjoy the experience. I also feel a great weight of responsibility as I enter a period of time when I have to decide who is able to join St Chris for what will be a rewarding and stimulating part of their childhood.


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