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Friday 08 November 2013

Come on... toughen up

Taking leadership to gain the respect of your pupils

So, Head Teachers should ‘get tough’ says Sir Michael Wilshaw, the Chief Inspector of Schools. Apparently lack of discipline, under-achievement, lack of respect for authority, global warming (I made that last one up) are all as a result of weak leadership of teachers. Apparently this means that teachers are weak at leading children. Some of the comments in the Daily Mail online are hilarious. One suggests that teachers have even resorted to dressing like their pupils….

This really is most bizarre. Think about your best teacher. Regardless of how they taught did you respect them? The answer will be yes. Did you trust them? The answer will be yes. Now think about your worst teacher (and probably therefore the subject that you did least well in) and the opposite is probably true. Real education and learning takes place in an atmosphere of trust and respect. I’m not sure that anyone would argue with this, including Sir Michael who can be an argumentative and grumpy old Hector at times. What we probably do disagree on is how to generate that trust and respect.


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