Scholarships and bursaries

Some scholarship and bursary opportunities available for pupils at our school.

St Chris offers a limited number of scholarships


A limited number of Scholarships, to a maximum value of 10% of the tuition fees, may be awarded after consideration of an applicant's performance in the assessment exercises and interviews. They will be awarded on merit and/or the ability to make an outstanding contribution to the wider life of the School.

All awards are conditional for their continuance on appropriate levels of performance and good behaviour.

Scholarships for the Sixth Form are awarded following consideration of an applicant's performance in her/his GCSE examinations.


Financial assistance is available, through our bursary scheme, to those families with children joining St Christopher School who have need of it.

The School offers bursaries to those parents whose income is such that they would not otherwise be able to pay the full fees. The awards are based on an assessment by the Head of how much a child will be able to benefit from the School and the degree of assistance required. The Bursary Committee meets once a term to consider bursary applications and review the progress of each bursary holder.

The bursary will continue for every year in which your child remains at the School, subject to an annual review of the financial circumstances and to the satisfaction of the Head and the Bursary Committee that the child is continuing to benefit from their time at the School and contribute fully to the life of the School. The number of bursaries available is limited and they are generally awarded to new entrants to the School.

Applications for bursaries should be made directly to the Head's office in writing and should be accompanied by a statement of financial circumstances. A copy of this is available from the Head's office

The Robertson bursary scheme

A dedicated fund exists from which Sixth Form applicants may be awarded bursaries.

The Robertson Bursary trust funds a small number of pupils annually to attend the Sixth Form, to enable them to complete their A levels at St Christopher. The fund was set up by the Robertson family, who have been part of the St Christopher community as pupils, active Old Scholars and Governors for many years.

All awards are based on parental income and are conditional for their continuance on appropriate levels of performance and good behaviour. The School is also able to make some awards in conjunction with Robertson Bursary Trust awards up to and including 100% of the boarding fee.

Internal and external candidates may be considered.