Our staff

The people who work at St Chris make our mission possible.

Name Job Title/Subject Department Notes
Alec Moffatt alec.moffatt@stchris.co.uk Laboratory Technician Senior school BSc (Hons) University of Hertfordshire
Aleksandra Laskowska Catering Assistant Catering
Alison Bagg alison.bagg@stchris.co.uk Head of Maths/HE Adviser/Head of III Grp (Year 9) Senior school MA University of Oxford
Alison Simpson alison.simpson@stchris.co.uk Catering Manager Catering
Allan Simpson allan.simpson@stchris.co.uk Music Technology Senior school BA Kingston University
Amber Clabburn amber.clabburn@stchris.co.uk Admissions & Marketing Assistant Admissions BA (Hons) Bournemouth University
Andrei Pytalev andrei.pytalev@stchris.co.uk Piano Peripatetic teacher Diploma in Piano (Belarusian State Conservatory)
Andrew Lambie andrew.lambie@stchris.co.uk Chemistry/HE Adviser Senior school MA Magdalene College, Cambridge*
Andrzej Urbanowicz andrzej.urbanowicz@stchris.co.uk Caretaker Housekeeping
Andy Owen andy.owen@stchris.co.uk Head of Science Faculty/Physics Senior school BSc, Kings College London*
Andy Selkirk andy.selkirk@stchris.co.uk Second Deputy (Academic Director)/Biology Senior school MBA OU Business School, BSc University College, London*, Dip in Physics, Thames Polytechnic
Angeles Ojeda angeles.ojeda@stchris.co.uk Spanish/Arunside Tutor Senior school Licendiada, University of Las Palmas*
Anita Moore anita.moore@stchris.co.uk Teaching Assistant Junior school
Ann-Marie Knight ann-marie.knight@stchris.co.uk Music/Head of PSHE Senior school BA Brunel University, MA LCMM * MA London College of Music & Media
Anna Pennery anna.pennery@stchris.co.uk Receptionist Support Staff
Anne Rice anne.rice@stchris.co.uk Curriculum Assistant Senior school BA University of Paisley
Avril Harker avril.harker@stchris.co.uk After School Care Early years centre BA University of Hertfordshire, NVQ3
Becky Wilson becky.wilson@stchris.co.uk English/ICT Senior school BA Lancaster University*
Ben Smith ben.smith@stchris.co.uk Guitar Peripatetic teacher Grade 8 Guitar (Trinity College of Music)
Ben Wall ben.wall@stchris.co.uk Head of Craft, Design and Technology Senior school BSc Brunel University*
Brian Hannaford brian.hannaford@stchris.co.uk Photography Senior school MIED, ARPS
Bryan Anderson bryan.anderson@stchris.co.uk Year 6 (D Group) Teacher Junior school BEd Homerton College, Cambridge
Byron Lewis byron.lewis@stchris.co.uk Director of Activities/Maths/ICT Senior school BSc Polytechnic of Wales*
Carly Ougham carly.ougham@stchris.co.uk Year 4 (F Group) Junior school BA University of Lincoln
Carol Pomfrey Catering Assistant Catering
Caroline Barnett caroline.barnett@stchris.co.uk Accountant Finance Office FCCA, Bsc
Carolyn Dorrington carolyn.dorrington@stchris.co.uk School Nurse/Counselling Coordinator Medical staff State Reigistered Nurse (SRN)
Cecilia Drayton cecilia.drayton@stchris.co.uk Houseparent - Arundale House staff Kenya Enrolled Community Nurse
Celeste Morton celeste.morton@stchris.co.uk Resident Gap Student Senior school
Charlotte Leeke charlotte.leeke@stchris.co.uk Geography Senior school BSc Royal Holloway
Charlotte Pateman charlotte.pateman@stchris.co.uk Learning Support Assistant Senior school
Cheryl Marioni Catering Assistant Catering
Chloe Palmer chloe.palmer@stchris.co.uk Nursery Assistant/Lifeguard Early years centre
Chris Drayton chris.drayton@stchris.co.uk Maths/Outdoor Pursuits/ Arundale Houseparent Senior school BSc University of Wales, Bangor*
Christine Bunning christine.bunning@stchris.co.uk Singing Peripatetic teacher AGSM&D
Christine Hawkes christine.hawkes@stchris.co.uk Year 5 (E Group) Teacher Junior school BEd (Hons) Homerton College
Christine Maher Cleaner Housekeeping
Christopher Johnson Drums Peripatetic teacher
Claire Plain claire.plain@stchris.co.uk Year 1 (J Group) Teacher Junior school
Claire Slater claire.slater@stchris.co.uk Maths Senior school BEng University of Salford
Clare McComb clare.mccomb@stchris.co.uk Year 3 (G Group)/SENCO Junior School Junior school BA Hull University
Coralie Skerman-Gray coralie.sg@stchris.co.uk Reception (K Group) Teacher Early years centre BEd University of Hertfordshire
Cordelia Lewis cordy.lewis@stchris.co.uk SEN Tutor/PE Senior school MA Open University, BSc (Hons) University College Worcester*
Corinne Toller corinne.toller@stchris.co.uk After School Care Junior school
Cyrille Simon cyrille.simon@stchris.co.uk Head of MFL/Faculty Coordinator Senior school Maîtrise, University of Nancy*
Dave Ilott dave.ilott@stchris.co.uk Head of English and EFL/Faculty Coordinator Senior school BA University of Sheffield, DipEd University of Sydney
Debbie Scoot debbie.scoot@stchris.co.uk Cleaner Housekeeping
Denise Eades denise.eades@stchris.co.uk Head of Geography Senior school BA Anglia Polytechnic*
Denise Sheelan denise.sheelan@stchris.co.uk Teaching Assistant Early years centre NVQ (Level 3)
Dr Carole Brooks School Doctor Medical staff
Edna Large Servery Assisant Catering
Elaine McEwan Catering Assistant Catering
Elaine Simpson Singing Peripatetic teacher ABRSM
Ellis Flaxman Apprentice Groundsman Estates department
Emma Bennett-Jones emma.bennett-jones@stchris.co.uk Resident Tutor/EAL House Staff/Senior School BA (Hons)University of Durham, CELTA Level 4, Cambridge University
Emma Cook emma.cook@stchris.co.uk Head Housekeeper Housekeeping
Emma Fowler Clarinet/Saxophone Peripatetic teacher
Emma Hughes emma.hughes@stchris.co.uk Year 6 (D Group) Teacher Junior school BA Ed (Hons) University of Exeter
Emma Roskilly emma.roskilly@stchris.co.uk Head of Drama Senior school BA University of Liverpool
Emma Semple emma.semple@stchris.co.uk Head of Arts Faculty Senior school BA Brighton Polytechnic* MA Institute of Education, London
Frances Holloway Cleaner Housekeeping
Fraser Polkingthorne fraser.polkingthorne@stchris.co.uk Gap Student Senior School
Gavin Fraser-Williams gavin.fraser-williams@stchris.co.uk Director of Pastoral Care/CDT Senior school BA Brighton Polytechnic, MA Royal College of Art
Gemma Fernandez gemma.fernandez@stchris.co.uk French & Spanish Senior school Licence University of A Coruna
Gemma Horwood gemma.horwood@stchris.co.uk Teaching Assistant Junior school
Georgia Barker georgia.barker@stchris.co.uk Gap Student Senior school
Gina Williams gina.williams@stchris.co.uk Assistant School Nurse Senior school SRN, RN (Child), BSG (Hons), CPPH
Graham Wright Caretaker Housekeeping
Grzegorz Sitarek Caretaker Housekeeping
Guy Palmer Lifeguard Swimming Pool
Harjinder Kaur harj.kaur@stchris.co.uk Receptionist Swimming Pool
Helen Hunt helen.hunt@stchris.co.uk Teacher of Biology Senior school
Helen Lord Piano Peripatetic teacher BA (Hons) University of Liverpool
Helen Ogilvie helen.ogilvie@stchris.co.uk Teacher of Chemistry Senior school PhD, MSc University of London*
Iain Coyne iain.coyne@stchris.co.uk Houseparent - Arunside House staff
Ian Hughes ian.hughes@stchris.co.uk Head of PE & Games/ Non-resident Cloisters Tutor Senior school BA Liverpool John Moores University
Irene Firth-Clark Servery Assisant Catering
Isabelle Mills isabelle.mills@stchris.co.uk French and Spanish Senior school Licence d’Anglais, Universite de Nancy 2
Jacqueline Moss Catering Assistant Catering
James McGrenery Groundsman Estates department
James Robertson james.robertson@stchris.co.uk CDT Technician Senior school BA Norwich University
Jamie Jones jamie.jones@stchris.co.uk Year 5 (E Group) Teacher Junior school BA (Hons) St Mary
Jane Miller jane.miller@stchris.co.uk In Class Support Individual needs
Janine Hall janine.hall@stchris.co.uk Art/Art Technician Senior school BA University of Hertfordshire
Jayne Freeman jayne.freeman@stchris.co.uk Piano Peripatetic teacher LTCL, GTCL Trinity College of Music
Jayne Thomas jayne.thomas@stchris.co.uk English/Media Studies/SEN Tutor Individual needs BA The Open University
Jean Benjamin jean.benjamin@stchris.co.uk Secretary Junior school
Jennifer Petit jennifer.petit@stchris.co.uk Teacher of Physics Senior school
Jennifer Whale jennifer.whale@stchris.co.uk Resources Assistant Junior school BA State University of New York
Jenny Palmer jenny.palmer@stchris.co.uk Pastoral Assistant Others
Jenny Savage jenny.savage@stchris.co.uk Deputy Head of Sixth Form / Geography Senior school MA, BA (Hons) Nottingham*
Jenny White jenny.white@stchris.co.uk Head of Swimming/Head of V Group (Year 11) Senior school BEd De Montford University
Jenny Wright jenny.wright@stchris.co.uk Sales & Payroll Clerk Finance Office AICB, PM(Dip)
Jeremy Wallis jeremy.wallis@stchris.co.uk Head of Economics Senior school BSc and MA London School of Economic and Political Science*
Jessica Maddams jessica.maddams@stchris.co.uk Learning Support Assistant Senior school
Jo Crane jo.crane@stchris.co.uk Purchase Ledger/Payroll Finance Office AAT
Joanna Pitts joanna.pitts@stchris.co.uk Teaching Assistant Junior school
John Hegarty Caretaker Housekeeping
Jon Wright jon.wright@stchris.co.uk Head of IV Group (Year 10)/PE & Games Senior school BSc University of Surrey
Jonathan Pilcher Guitar Peripatetic teacher
Josephine Rice Catering Assistant Catering
Julia Pritchard julia.pritchard@stchris.co.uk Laboratory Technician Others BSc (Hons) Plymouth
Julie Neale Weekend Catering Catering
Justin Thurgur justin.thurgur@stchris.co.uk Brass/Jazz Coach Peripatetic teacher BA University of Wales
Karen Hoyle karen.hoyle@stchris.co.uk Joint Head of Individual Needs Individual needs BA Middlesex Polytechnic, Cert Dyslexia and Literacy, University of York
Karolin Kovacs karolin.kovacs@stchris.co.uk Vege Centre Technician Vege Centre
Kate Allan kate.allan@stchris.co.uk Registrar Admissions BA (Hons) University of Essex
Kate Kreyenborg-Nichols kate.nichols@stchris.co.uk Head of II Group (Year 8) Teacher of Biology Senior school
Katherine Hall Swimming Teacher Swimming Pool
Katherine Mayes Violin and Piano Peripatetic teacher BMus (Hons), RCM, Diploma Violin Teaching
Katie Wright katie.wright@stchris.co.uk Head of Junior School Junior school BA London Metropolitan University
Lee Varley lee.varley@stchris.co.uk Estates Manager Estates department
Lesley Farrell lesley.edwards@stchris.co.uk Deputy Manager, Early Years Centre and Lead Nursery Teacher Early years centre HNC Early Childhood Studies, Montessori Children
Liane May liane.may@stchris.co.uk English and Media Studies Senior school MA University of Hertfordshire*
Linda Aird linda.aird@stchris.co.uk Librarian Library BA Roehampton Institute*, DipLib MCLIP
Lisa Haskell lisa.haskell@stchris.co.uk Assistant Chef Catering
Lisa Jacobs Catering Assistant Catering
Liz Duff liz.duff@stchris.co.uk Library Assistant Library
Liz McDonagh Weekend Catering Catering
Liz Miller liz.miller@stchris.co.uk Joint Head of Individual Needs Individual needs BEd Bedford College of HE, Dip RSA SpLD
Lizzy Anstice-Brown lizzy.ansticebrown@stchris.co.uk Art/Artist in Residence Senior school BA Central St Martins, MA Royal College of Art
Louise Day louise.day@stchris.co.uk Year 4 (F Group) Teacher Junior school BSc (Hons) University College Northampton
Lucy Coddington lucy.coddington@stchris.co.uk Assistant Bursar Finance
Lucy Pinkstone lucy.pinkstone@stchris.co.uk Teaching Assistant Junior school
Luke Wilson Lifeguard Swimming Pool
Lydia Somerville lydia.somerville@stchris.co.uk Junior School Teacher Junior school
Lydie Moreno lydie.moreno@stchris.co.uk Languages Assistant MFL House staff Licence and MA, University of Montpellier III
Lyn McGregor lyn.mcgregor@stchris.co.uk PE & Games/Resident Tutor Junior school BEd (Hons) University of Edinburgh
Lynda Robinson Swimming Teacher Swimming Pool
Magda Ziolkowska Cleaner Housekeeping
Marcia Bonanni marcia.bonanni@stchris.co.uk Year 3 (G Group) Teacher Junior school BA (Hons) University of Leicester
Maria Walker maria.walker@stchris.co.uk Head of I Group (Year 7)/Maths Senior school BSc Newcastle
Marie Overhill marie.overhill@stchris.co.uk SEN Tutor Individual needs
Mario May mario.may@stchris.co.uk Head of History and Politics/ Humanities Faculty Coordinator Senior school BA London Institute of Education, MA, PhD London School of Economics*
Mark Collins Lock up Caretaker Estates Department
Martin Goodchild martin.goodchild@stchris.co.uk Director of Music Senior school GRSM; LRAM Royal Academy of Music*
Martin Ladd Catering Assistant Catering
Marzena Pacholek Cleaner Housekeeping
Max Magee Lifeguard Swimming Pool
Maz Sutton Cleaner Housekeeping
Melissa O'Donnell Singing Peripatetic teacher BA University of Birmingham
Mike Collins mike.collins@stchris.co.uk History and Politics Senior school BA, MA Keele University*
Mike Li mike.li@stchris.co.uk Performing Arts Technician Theatre
Mohammed Essakhi mohammed.essakhi@stchris.co.uk Head Chef Catering
Molly Parsons-Gurr Cello Peripatetic teacher BMus (Hons) Trinity Laban Conservatoire, RCM Master of Performance
Monika Ziolkowska Cleaner Housekeeping
Natasha Paxton natasha.paxton@stchris.co.uk Teaching Assistant EYC
Naz Yeni naz.yeni@stchris.co.uk Drama Senior school BA Hacettepe University Ankara MA King’s College London*
Nick Keogh Grounds Estates Department
Nicola Shillcock Swimming Teacher Swimming Pool
Nicolas Andres Vasco nicolas.vasco@stchris.co.uk Resident Gap Student Senior school
Olga Moretti Catering Assistant Catering
Patrick Illingworth Drums Peripatetic teacher Guildhall School of Music and Drama
Paul Ansell paul.ansell@stchris.co.uk Caretaker Housekeeping
Paul Armstrong paul.armstrong@stchris.co.uk Maintenance Estates department
Penny Main penny.main@stchris.co.uk Head of Sixth Form History/English Senior school BA University of East Anglia*, MA University of Exeter
Peter Rice Lifeguard Swimming Pool
Peter Scotney Carpenter Estates department
Pippa Hodgson pippa.hodgson@stchris.co.uk Swimming Teacher Swimming Pool ASA Swimming Teachers’ Cert, RLSS Trainer Assessor
Rachael Jeffrey Swimming Teacher Swimming Pool
Rachel Holmes Lifeguard Swimming Pool
Rebecca Simon rebecca.simon@stchris.co.uk Reception (K Group) Teacher Early years centre BSc Leeds
Rebecca Sweeney rebecca.sweeney@stchris.co.uk English Senior school MA York, BA (Hons) York*
Rebecca Twiston-Davis rebecca.twiston@stchris.co.uk Teacher of Art Senior school BA (Hons) Falmouth University
Rhiannon Butlin rhiannon.butlin@stchris.co.uk Marketing & Communications Manager Admissions MSc MMU, BA (Hons) University of Nottingham
Rhoanna Newman rhoanna.newman@stchris.co.uk Individual Needs Tutor Senior school OCR Level 5, BA (Hons) Manchester University
Rich Jones rich.jones@stchris.co.uk Deputy Head Senior school BA (Hons) University Of Leicester
Richard Palmer richard.palmer@stchris.co.uk Head Head
Roxanne Jackson roxanne.jackson@stchris.co.uk Teaching Assistant Junior school
Russell Webster Catering Assistant Catering
Ruth Miller ruth.miller@stchris.co.uk Houseparent - Arunside House staff
Sally Smyth sally.smyth@stchris.co.uk Learning Support Assistant Senior school
Sally Wright Double Bass Peripatetic teacher ALCM (London College of Music)
Sarah Brown sarah.brown@stchris.co.uk Montessori Teacher Early years centre Maria Montessori Diploma
Sarah Davies sarah.davies@stchris.co.uk Maths Senior school
Sarah Gardener sarah.gardener@stchris.co.uk Teaching Assistant Junior school Teaching Assistants
Sarah Steele sarah.steele@stchris.co.uk Receptionist Support Staff BA (Hons) Social Policy & Adminstration
Sarah Waller sarah.waller@stchris.co.uk Biology Senior school BSc (Hons) Cardiff*
Sharon Eckman Singing Peripatetic teacher
Simon Cockle simon.cockle@stchris.co.uk English Senior school MA University of Hertfordshire, BA(Hons) University of Wales
Slawomir Gburzynski Caretaker Housekeeping
Sophie Argiros Oboe Peripatetic teacher
Sophie Hilton Lifeguard Swimming Pool
Sue McMillan sue.mcmillan@stchris.co.uk SEN Assistant Individual Needs
Sue Smith Servery Assistant Catering
Sue Woollard sue.woollard@stchris.co.uk Psychology Senior school BSc, MSc Swansea
Sunil Senerate Caretaker Housekeeping
Susan Deakin Violin/Viola Peripatetic teacher
Susan Sissons Swimming Teacher Swimming Pool
Susan Walker Cleaner Housekeeping
Susanne Okulitch susanne.okulitch@stchris.co.uk Head of Film Studies Senior school
Suzanne Spaven Counsellor Senior school
Sylwia Jozwiak Cleaner Housekeeping
Theresa Paliwoda Cleaner Housekeeping
Tom Talbot Lifeguard Swimming Pool
Toni Warner toni.warner@stchris.co.uk Head Support Staff
Wendy Cottenden wendy.cottenden@stchris.co.uk Head of Cookery Senior school Cer ED IM Marsh College,Liverpool
William Hawkes william.hawkes@stchris.co.uk Bursar/Company Secretary and Clerk to the Governors Finance Office
Wioleta Cudak Cleaner Housekeeping
Witek Fraszczyk Maintenance Estates
Zareena Subhani zareena.subhani@stchris.co.uk Deputy Head/Year 5 (E Group) Teacher Junior school BA (Hons) Cambridge College of Arts & Technology, MEd University of Hertfordshire
Zoe Holloway Swimming Teacher Swimming Pool