Our staff

The people who work at St Chris make our mission possible.

Name Job Title/Subject Department Notes
Alastair Ogilvie alastair.ogilvie@stchris.co.uk Grounds manager Estates department
Alec Moffatt alec.moffatt@stchris.co.uk Laboratory Technician Senior school BSc (Hons) University of Hertfordshire
Aleksandra Laskowska Catering Assistant Catering
Alison Bagg alison.bagg@stchris.co.uk Head of Maths/HE Adviser/?Head of III Group (Year 9) Senior school MA University of Oxford
Alison Simpson alison.simpson@stchris.co.uk Catering manager Catering
Allan Simpson allan.simpson@stchris.co.uk Music Technology Senior school BA Kingston University
Amber Clabburn amber.clabburn@stchris.co.uk Admission Assistant Admissions Ba (Hons) Bournemouth University
Andrei Pytalev andrei.pytalev@stchris.co.uk Piano Peripatetic teacher Diploma in Piano (Belarusian State Conservatory)
Andrew Lambie andrew.lambie@stchris.co.uk Chemistry/HE Adviser Senior school MA Magdalene College, Cambridge*
Andrzej Urbanowicz andrzej.urbanowicz@stchris.co.uk Caretaker Housekeeping
Andy Owen andy.owen@stchris.co.uk Head of Science Faculty/Physics Senior school BSc, Kings College London*
Andy Selkirk andy.selkirk@stchris.co.uk Second Deputy (Academic Director)/Biology Senior school MBA OU Business School, BSc University College, London*, Dip in Physics, Thames Polytechnic
Angeles Ojeda angeles.ojeda@stchris.co.uk Spanish/Arunside Tutor Senior school Licendiada, University of Las Palmas*
Anita Moore anita.moore@stchris.co.uk Teaching Assistant Junior school
Ann-Marie Knight ann-marie.knight@stchris.co.uk Music/Head of IV Group (Year 10) Senior school BA Brunel University, MA LCMM * MA London College of Music & Media
Anna Lee anna.lee@stchris.co.uk Vege Centre Technician Senior school
Anne Rice anne.rice@stchris.co.uk Curriculum Assistant Senior school BA University of Paisley
Avril Harker avril.harker@stchris.co.uk After School Care Early years centre BA University of Hertfordshire, NVQ3
Becky Wilson becky.wilson@stchris.co.uk English/ICT Senior school BA Lancaster University*
Ben Smith ben.smith@stchris.co.uk Guitar Peripatetic teacher Grade 8 Guitar (Trinity College of Music)
Ben Wall ben.wall@stchris.co.uk Head of Craft, Design and Technology Senior school BSc Brunel University*
Brian Hannaford brian.hannaford@stchris.co.uk Photography Senior school MIED, ARPS
Bryan Anderson bryan.anderson@stchris.co.uk Year 6 (D Group) Teacher Junior school BEd Homerton College, Cambridge
Byron Lewis byron.lewis@stchris.co.uk Director of Activities/Maths/ICT Senior school BSc Polytechnic of Wales*
Carly Ougham carly.ougham@stchris.co.uk Year 6 (D Group) & Year 5 (E Group) Junior school BA University of Lincoln
Carol Pomfrey Catering Assistant Catering
Caroline Barnett caroline.barnett@stchris.co.uk Accountant Finance Office FCCA, Bsc
Carolyn Dorrington carolyn.dorrington@stchris.co.uk School Nurse/Counselling Coordinator Medical staff State Reigistered Nurse (SRN)
Cecilia Drayton cecilia.drayton@stchris.co.uk Houseparent - Arundale House staff Kenya Enrolled Community Nurse
Charlotte Leeke charlotte.leeke@stchris.co.uk Geography Senior school BSc Royal Holloway
Cheryl Marioni Catering Assistant Catering
Chloe Palmer chloe.palmer@stchris.co.uk Nursery Assistant/Lifeguard Early years centre
Chris Drayton chris.drayton@stchris.co.uk Maths/Outdoor Pursuits/ Arundale Houseparent Senior school BSc University of Wales, Bangor*
Chris Griggs chris.griggs@stchris.co.uk School Secretary School office
Christine Bunning christine.bunning@stchris.co.uk Singing Peripatetic teacher AGSM&D
Christine Hawkes christine.hawkes@stchris.co.uk Year 2 (H Group) Teacher Junior school BEd (Hons) Homerton College
Christine Maher Cleaner Housekeeping
Christopher Johnson Drums Peripatetic teacher
Claire Plain claire.plain@stchris.co.uk Junior School Teacher Junior school
Claire Slater claire.slater@stchris.co.uk Maths Senior school BEng University of Salford
Claire Standing claire.standing@stchris.co.uk Teaching Assistant Junior school
Clare McComb clare.mccomb@stchris.co.uk Year 3 (G Group)/Deputy KS2 Coordinator Junior school BA Hull University
Cliff Canning cliff.canning@stchris.co.uk Deputy Head Senior school BA (Hons) & Diploma in Education, National University of Ireland
Cora Fletcher cora.fletcher@stchris.co.uk Teaching Assistant Junior school
Coralie Skerman-Gray coralie.sg@stchris.co.uk Reception (K Group) Teacher Early years centre BEd University of Hertfordshire
Cordelia Lewis cordy.lewis@stchris.co.uk SEN Tutor/PE Senior school MA Open University, BSc (Hons) University College Worcester*
Corinne Toller corinne.toller@stchris.co.uk After School Care Junior school
Cyrille Simon cyrille.simon@stchris.co.uk Head of MFL/Faculty Coordinator Senior school Maîtrise, University of Nancy*
Dave Ilott dave.ilott@stchris.co.uk Head of English and EFL/Faculty Coordinator Senior school BA University of Sheffield, DipEd University of Sydney
David Kantaris Maintenance Estates department
Debbie Scoot debbie.scoot@stchris.co.uk Cleaner Housekeeping
Denise Eades denise.eades@stchris.co.uk Head of Geography Senior school BA Anglia Polytechnic*
Denise Sheelan denise.sheelan@stchris.co.uk Teaching Assistant Early years centre NVQ (Level 3)
Donald Walmsley donald.walmsley@stchris.co.uk Teacher of Biology Senior school
Dr Carole Brooks School Doctor Medical staff
Edna Large Servery Assisant Catering
Eilish Sinclair eilish.sinclair@stchris.co.uk Gap Student Senior School
Elaine McEwan Catering Assistant Catering
Elaine Simpson Singing Peripatetic teacher ABRSM
Ellis Flaxman Apprentice Groundman Estates department
Emma Carey emma.carey@stchris.co.uk Gap Student Senior school
Emma Fowler Clarinet/Saxophone Peripatetic teacher
Emma Hughes emma.hughes@stchris.co.uk Teacher/F Group (Year 5) Junior school BA Ed (Hons) University of Exeter
Emma Roskilly emma.roskilly@stchris.co.uk English/Head of Media Studies Senior school BA University of Liverpool
Emma Semple emma.semple@stchris.co.uk Head of Arts Faculty Senior school BA Brighton Polytechnic* MA Institute of Education, London
Emma Taylor emma.taylor@stchris.co.uk Resident Tutor/EAL House Staff/Senior School BA (Hons)University of Durham, CELTA Level 4, Cambridge University
Fran Fletcher fran.fletcher@stchris.co.uk Spanish (maternity cover) Senior School BA (Hons) University of Durham
Frances Holloway Cleaner Housekeeping
Fraser Polkingthorne fraser.polkingthorne@stchris.co.uk Gap Student Senior School
Gavin Fraser-Williams gavin.fraser-williams@stchris.co.uk Director of Pastoral Care/CDT Senior school BA Brighton Polytechnic, MA Royal College of Art
Gaynor Dawson Counsellor Senior school
Gemma Fernandez gemma.fernandez@stchris.co.uk French & Spanish Senior school Licence University of A Coruna
Gemma Horwood gemma.horwood@stchris.co.uk Teaching Assistant Junior School
Georgia Barker georgia.barker@stchris.co.uk Gap Student Senior School
Graham Wright Caretaker Housekeeping
Grzegorz Sitarek Caretaker Housekeeping
Guy Palmer Lifeguard Swimming Pool
Harjinder Kaur harj.kaur@stchris.co.uk Receptionist Swimming Pool
Helen Hunt helen.hunt@stchris.co.uk Teacher of Biology Senior school
Helen Lord Piano Peripatetic teacher BA (Hons) University of Liverpool
Helen Ogilvie helen.ogilvie@stchris.co.uk Chemistry Senior school PhD, MSc University of London*
Ian Hughes ian.hughes@stchris.co.uk Head of PE & Games/ Non-resident Cloisters Tutor Senior school BA Liverpool John Moores University
Irene Firth-Clark Servery Assisant Catering
Isabelle Mills isabelle.mills@stchris.co.uk French and Spanish Senior school Licence d’Anglais, Universite de Nancy 2
Jacqueline Moss Catering Assistant Catering
James McGrenery Groundsman Estates department
James Robertson james.robertson@stchris.co.uk CDT Technician Senior school BA Norwich University
Jane Miller jane.miller@stchris.co.uk In Class Support Individual needs
Janice Rolfe janice.rolfe@stchris.co.uk Early Years Practitioner EYC NVQ 3, DiplomaChild Development & Early Childhood Education Level 3
Janine Hall janine.hall@stchris.co.uk Art/Art Technician Senior school BA University of Hertfordshire
Jayne Freeman jayne.freeman@stchris.co.uk Piano Peripatetic teacher LTCL, GTCL Trinity College of Music
Jayne Thomas jayne.thomas@stchris.co.uk English/Media Studies/SEN Tutor Individual needs BA The Open University
Jean Benjamin jean.benjamin@stchris.co.uk Secretary Junior school
Jennifer Petit jennifer.petit@stchris.co.uk Teacher of Physics Senior school
Jennifer Whale jennifer.whale@stchris.co.uk Resources Assistant Junior school BA State University of New York
Jenny Palmer jenny.palmer@stchris.co.uk Pastoral Assistant Others
Jenny Savage jenny.savage@stchris.co.uk Geography Senior school MA, BA (Hons) Nottingham*
Jenny White jenny.white@stchris.co.uk Head of Swimming/Head of III Group (Year 9) Senior school BEd De Montford University
Jenny Wright jenny.wright@stchris.co.uk Sales & Payroll Clerk Finance Office AICB, PM(Dip)
Jeremy Wallis jeremy.wallis@stchris.co.uk Economics Senior school BSc and MA London School of Economic and Political Science*
Jessica Maddams jessica.maddams@stchris.co.uk Learning Support Assistant Senior school
Jo Crane jo.crane@stchris.co.uk Purchase Ledger/Payroll Finance Office AAT
Joanna Pitts joanna.pitts@stchris.co.uk Teaching Assistant Junior school
John Hegarty Caretaker Housekeeping
Jon Wright jon.wright@stchris.co.uk Head of IVGroup (Year 10)/PE & Games Senior school BSc University of Surrey
Jonathan Pilcher Guitar Peripatetic teacher
Josephine Rice Catering Assistant Catering
Julia Pritchard julia.pritchard@stchris.co.uk Laboratory Technician Others BSc (Hons) Plymouth
Julie Neale Weekend Catering Catering
Justin Thurgur justin.thurgur@stchris.co.uk Brass/Jazz Coach Peripatetic teacher BA University of Wales
Karen Hoyle karen.hoyle@stchris.co.uk Joint Head of Individual Needs Individual needs BA Middlesex Polytechnic, Cert Dyslexia and Literacy, University of York
Karolin Kovacs karolin.kovacs@stchris.co.uk Vege Centre Technician Vege Centre
Kate Kreyenborg-Nichols kate.nichols@stchris.co.uk Teacher of Biology Senior school
Katherine Hall Swimming Teacher Swimming Pool
Katherine Mayes Violin and Piano Peripatetic teacher BMus (Hons), RCM, Diploma Violin Teaching
Katie Wright katie.wright@stchris.co.uk Head of Junior School Junior school BA London Metropolitan University
Lee Varley lee.varley@stchris.co.uk Estates manager Estates department
Lesley Farrell lesley.edwards@stchris.co.uk Deputy Manager, Early Years Centre and Lead Nursery Teacher Early years centre HNC Early Childhood Studies, Montessori Children
Liane May liane.may@stchris.co.uk English and Media Studies Senior school MA University of Hertfordshire*
Linda Aird linda.aird@stchris.co.uk Librarian Library BA Roehampton Institute*, DipLib MCLIP
Lisa Haskell lisa.haskell@stchris.co.uk Assistant Chef Catering
Lisa Jacobs Catering Assistant Catering
Liz Duff liz.duff@stchris.co.uk Library Assistant Library
Liz McDonagh Weekend Catering Catering
Liz Miller liz.miller@stchris.co.uk Joint Head of Individual Needs Individual needs BEd Bedford College of HE, Dip RSA SpLD
Lizzy Anstice-Brown lizzy.ansticebrown@stchris.co.uk Art/Artist in Residence Senior school BA Central St Martins, MA Royal College of Art
Lucy Pinkstone lucy.pinkstone@stchris.co.uk Teaching Assistant Junior school
Luke Wilson Lifeguard Swimming Pool
Lydia Somerville lydia.somerville@stchris.co.uk Junior School Teacher Junior school
Lydie Moreno lydie.moreno@stchris.co.uk Languages Assistant MFL House staff Licence and MA, University of Montpellier III
Lyn McGregor lyn.mcgregor@stchris.co.uk PE & Games/Resident Tutor Junior school BEd (Hons) University of Edinburgh
Lynda Robinson Swimming Teacher Swimming Pool
Magda Ziolkowska Cleaner Housekeeping
Malcolm Hodgson malcolm.hodgson@stchris.co.uk Houseparent – Arunside House staff Management Studies, University of North London CPD Boarding Education, Roehampton University
Marcia Bonanni marcia.bonanni@stchris.co.uk Teacher/G Group (Year 3) Junior School BA (Hons) University of Leicester
Maria Walker maria.walker@stchris.co.uk Head of II Group (Year 8)/Maths Senior school BSc Newcastle
Marie Overhill marie.overhill@stchris.co.uk SEN Tutor Individual needs
Mario May mario.may@stchris.co.uk Head of History and Politics/ Humanities Faculty Coordinator Senior school BA London Institute of Education, MA, PhD London School of Economics*
Mark Collins Lock up Caretaker Estates Department
Martin Goodchild martin.goodchild@stchris.co.uk Director of Music Senior school GRSM; LRAM Royal Academy of Music*
Martin Ladd Catering Assistant Catering
Marzena Pacholek Cleaner Housekeeping
Max Magee Lifeguard Swimming Pool
Maz Sutton Cleaner Housekeeping
Melissa O'Donnell Singing Peripatetic teacher BA University of Birmingham
Mike Collins mike.collins@stchris.co.uk History and Politics Senior school BA, MA Keele University*
Mike Li mike.li@stchris.co.uk Performing Arts Technician Theatre
Mohammed Essakhi mohammed.essakhi@stchris.co.uk Head Chef Catering
Molly Parson-Gurr Cello Peripatetic Theacher BMus (Hons), City University, RCM Master of Performance
Monika Ziolkowska Cleaner Housekeeping
Natasha Paxton natasha.paxton@stchris.co.uk Teaching Assistant EYC
Naz Yeni naz.yeni@stchris.co.uk Drama Senior school BA Hacettepe University Ankara MA King’s College London*
Nick Keogh Grounds Estates Department
Nicola Payne nicola.payne@stchris.co.uk Assistant Bursar Finance Office MAAT, AAT
Nicola Shillcock Swimming Teacher Swimming Pool
Olga Moretti Catering Assistant Catering
Oscar Vela oscar.vela@stchris.co.uk Spanish Assistant (Gap Student) Senior school
Patrick Illingworth Drums Peripatetic teacher Guildhall School of Music and Drama
Paul Ansell paul.ansell@stchris.co.uk Caretaker Housekeeping
Paul Armstrong paul.armstrong@stchris.co.uk Maintenance Estates department
Penny Main penny.main@stchris.co.uk History/English/Head of Year 12/ HE Coordinator Senior school BA University of East Anglia*, MA University of Exeter
Peter Rice Lifeguard Swimming Pool
Peter Scotney Carpenter Estates department
Pippa Hodgson pippa.hodgson@stchris.co.uk Houseparent – Arunside/Swimming Teacher House staff ASA Swimming Teachers’ Cert, RLSS Trainer Assessor
Rachael Jeffrey Swimming Teacher Swimming Pool
Rachel Holmes Lifeguard Swimming Pool
Rebecca Simon rebecca.simon@stchris.co.uk Reception (K Group) Teacher Early years centre BSc Leeds
Rebecca Sweeney rebecca.sweeney@stchris.co.uk English Senior school MA York, BA (Hons) York*
Rhiannon Butlin rhiannon.butlin@stchris.co.uk Marketing & Communications Manager Senior school
Richard Palmer richard.palmer@stchris.co.uk Head Head
Roxanne Jackson roxanne.jackson@stchris.co.uk Teaching Assistant Junior school
Russell Webster Catering Assistant Catering
Sally Smyth sally.smyth@stchris.co.uk Learning Support Assistant Senior school
Sally Wright Double Bass Peripatetic teacher ALCM (London College of Music)
Sarah Brown sarah.brown@stchris.co.uk Montessori Teacher Early years centre Maria Montessori Diploma
Sarah Davies sarah.davies@stchris.co.uk Teacher of Maths Senior school
Sarah Gardener sarah.gardener@stchris.co.uk Teaching Assistant Junior school Teaching Assistants
Sarah Steele sarah.steele@stchris.co.uk Receptionist Support Staff BA (Hons) Social Policy & Adminstration
Sarah Waller sarah.waller@stchris.co.uk Biology Senior school BSc (Hons) Cardiff*
Sharon Eckman Singing Peripatetic teacher
Slawomir Gburzynski Caretaker Housekeeping
Sophie Argiros Oboe Peripatetic teacher
Sophie Hilton Lifeguard Swimming Pool
Sue McMillan sue.mcmillan@stchris.co.uk SEN Assistant Individual needs
Sue Smith Servery Assistant Catering
Sue Woollard sue.woollard@stchris.co.uk Head of Year 13/Psychology Senior school BSc, MSc Swansea
Sunil Senerate Caretaker Housekeeping
Susan Deakin Violin/Viola Peripatetic teacher
Susan Sissons Swimming Teacher Swimming Pool
Susan Walker Cleaner Housekeeping
Susanne Okulitch susanne.okulitch@stchris.co.uk Teacher of English and Media Studies Senior school
Suzanne Spaven Counsellor Senior school
Sylvester Beecroft sylvester.beecroft@stchris.co.uk Exams Officer and Teacher of French Senior school BA Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Sylwia Jozwiak Cleaner Housekeeping
Theresa Paliwoda Cleaner Housekeeping
Thilini Fernando Catering Servery
Tom Talbot Lifeguard Swimming Pool
Toni Ellis toni.ellis@stchris.co.uk Head's PA Support Staff
Tracey Martin tracey.martin@stchris.co.uk SENCO Junior school MA University of London, BEd Homerton College, Dip. Counsel, ACIEAm, Spld APC
Vivien Morse vivien.morse@stchris.co.uk Assistant School Nurse Medical staff
Wendy Cottenden wendy.cottenden@stchris.co.uk Head of I Group (Year 7)/Head of PSHE Senior school Cer ED IM Marsh College,Liverpool
William Hawkes william.hawkes@stchris.co.uk Bursar/Company Secretary and Clerk to the Governors Finance Office
Wioleta Cudak Cleaner Housekeeping
Witek Fraszczyk Caretaker Housekeeping
Yvonne Towns Cleaner Housekeeping
Zoe Holloway Swimming Teacher Swimming Pool