Our former students are a key part of the story and continuing success of St Chris.

The school has a well-established and thriving club for those who have been pupils or staff. The St Christopher Club helps people stay in contact with each other and the School. Visit the St Christopher Club website.

Here are some former pupils' perspectives on the time they spent at St Chris.

Josh Taussig

During my 15 years at St Chris I was always aware that I was having a unique school experience, and it seems only yesterday that I was playing in Montessori sandpit, and building dens in the Junior School trees.

As a student in my first year at university, a common topic of conversation amongst one's peers is that of comparing anecdotes about school days. It is during these discussions that I am made aware of just how truly unique my school experiences were in comparison to students. Whereas my friends, almost without exception, will talk of their school experiences through sighs and gritted teeth, the conversation for me will instantly bring a smile to my face.

Not only did St Chris enable me to achieve my academic goals; I am now studying Medicine at Brighton & Sussex Medical School, but it also gave me experiences that I will feel proud to remember and discuss for the rest of my life.

The old adage that your school days are the best days of your life is rarely true. However if you are lucky enough to have parents who choose to send you to St Chris they must be.

Sally James (Journalist & Mother)

The six years I spent at St Chris were very special years, with lots of fantastic memories. I realised just how amazing my schooling had been when I started university and heard about the other students' education.

My school days were so enjoyable, providing a well-rounded education, encouraging interests outside of the formal academic education and bringing academic subjects to life. I also made friends for life.

Thanks to my parents and St Chris, I grew to be a confident, self-assured individual, with a drive and zest for life.

My ambition was to be a journalist and I was able to get a place on a much sought-after journalism course, working part-time at national newspapers and broadcasting companies at the same time to gain experience.

After graduating I went to work for the biggest-selling national newspaper. I then went to work for various national newspapers and magazines, before going freelance. I'm married to Rick whom I met at university and we have two young boys.

My time at St Chris gave me the confidence to be all I could be, both personally and in my career.

John Collins (Senior Transport Consultant)

I attended St Chris as a boarder from 1996 to 2001. Academically, I specialised in the Sciences and later read Engineering at Imperial College and Cambridge. I am currently in the UK Civil Service Fast Stream and worked with London 2012 to help deliver a successful Olympics.

There is no doubt that St Chris' academic provision - respected for the quality of its teaching and also the supportive environment in which it is delivered - was instrumental in helping me secure place on the university course of my choice.

However, I like to think that the best lessons I took from St Chris went beyond the academic sphere. I joined St Chris as a quiet, perhaps nervous, individual but the School's relaxed culture and rich programme of extra-curricular activities helped me out of my shell.

During my time at St Chris I involved myself in outdoor pursuits, theatre, music and student journalism activities, all of which helped me grow in confidence. The Self-Government system, in particular, really stretched my leadership and public speaking skills, which have proved to be invaluable in my career so far (including a teaching sabbatical and role as Student Union President).