Year 10 (IV Group) have had a great local LSP this week taking part in day trips from Letchworth. Options to take part in escape rooms, go-karting, learning to row a single scull and as a four person team in Cambridge, a trip to Grafham Water, golf, Forest School, a trip to a London show, a visit to the University of Bedfordshire and the St Chris ‘Apprentice’ all made for a busy and fun week at the end of term!

At the University of Bedfordshire students learned about the content included in Sports Science and Sports Rehabilitation/Therapy degrees, and where those qualifications can take you: both furthering the elite end of performance and supporting those more vulnerable, such as cardiac rehabilitation patients.  Our students also received a tour of the campus and time with two university students (one doing a Masters and one doing a PhD), and they had chance to ask questions about university life, both from academic and lifestyle points of view.