The goats have some new friends!

We’re delighted to formally introduce the St Chris alpacas – Joshi, Chester and Diablo (who, despite the name, is very sweet natured!)

They arrived a couple of weeks ago and we have been letting them settle in to their new enclosure, next door to the goats.

The Senior School ‘Goat Force’ Options group are working hard penning, feeding and interacting with the alpacas to socialise them.

Emma and Jan’s Senior School Art Club have already been to visit them as part of some research for their Option on Thursdays. They are investigating felting and spinning with the alpaca wool later in the year when they have been sheered.

The boarders have also been to visit them at the weekend and have helped feed them.

This half term more staff are being trained so we can help support further activities with the goats and alpacas in the Junior and Senior School, for example in Options, as part of our curriculum content, and as part of our co-curricular activities at lunchtime and and after school.

We hope to allow parents to visit once they have settled in!