Television ‘Bake Off’ may have reached the finals, but the St Chris ‘Bake Off’ has only just begun!
This week we started our annual competition with Year 11 (V Group) making Swiss Rolls. All bakes were seriously delicious – it was not hard to find judges!
  • Taiah and Esmae (Becky’s Company) baked a pistachio chocolate Swiss roll;
  • Dylan, Connie and Rachel (Kirsty and Cyrille’s Company) baked a Swiss roll entitled ‘chocolate winter rollderland’;
  • Freya, Uma and Abi (Jenny’s Company)  baked a Choc Orange Swiss roll; and last but not least
  • Zack, Daisy and Ella (Emma’s Company) baked a raspberry, mint chocolate Swiss roll.
The competition was tight but the winners were Freya, Uma and Abi.  Well done all for such a great effort!
Becky Belson
Head of Food and Nutrition